Do professional sports leagues overpay their athletes?

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  • Yes because the professional athletes make more than the president and that does not seem right that they get payed more.

    The president should make more than the professional athletes because all the players do is play a sport.Kids at schools play sports and they don't get payed they do the same sports as professionals why don't they get payed millions of dollars.That is why I think that professionals get payed to much.

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  • Professional sports athletes are grossly overpaid.

    Yes, professional sports organizations overpay their athletes. I do not understand exactly what these athletes do that makes them deserve multi-million dollar contracts. I can think of multiple other professionals who contribute so much more to society and whose professions are so much more important than a person who plays sports. For example, physicians work on call, at all hours of the night, helping to heal people and saving lives. Police officers help ensure safety and put their lives on the line. Yet professional athletes will make more in one season than doctors will make in years. Given that professional athletes' only real contribution to society is entertainment, I feel they do not deserve that exorbitant level of pay.

  • Professional sports players do not deserve millions for entertainment.

    Professional sports athletes make millions of dollars for entertaining others. While sports are fun to watch, they add little intrinsic value to society; they do not create buildings, save lives nor help the less fortunate. Yet, athletes make significantly more money than doctors, lawyers and soldiers who work towards helping and saving others.

  • No, professional athletes are not overpaid.

    The economy is based on the law of supply and demand. Products and services that are in short supply demand higher costs because the supply is limited. Because the physical skills and dedication to develop those skills are in short supply among the overall population, their services command large paychecks.

  • No, athletes are paid fairly in relation to the revenues they produce.

    The salaries of professional athletes may look outrageous compared to other occupations, but they are actually quite fair when you consider how much money they make for a team. A professional sports team makes hundreds of millions of dollars in a given year, and the athletes are the product people are paying to see. It only makes sense then that the athletes should get a healthy portion of the profits from their games.

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