• It is my believe that profit is a crime.

    Companies that make a profit do this by charging more than the cost of the resources and time to produce the product/service. In our society, this crime is called profiteering. I believe all forms of profit are profiteering. Making profits on food, water, housing and land should be a criminal offense. It makes life more expensive for everyone, even the people who are making the profit in the first place. Poor people have to work harder to keep up with debt, whereas wealthy people's working lives will barely change at all. It's an inherent unfairness in our society that needs to be either completely removed or regulated. I hope one day this will be the case.

  • Although there is a moral code, it becomes more and more common to consider it "lame" and optional in a profit-driven society.

    It is interesting how people in the "NO" section write that it is in principle possible to keep your own morals and that it's everyone's personal business, and it just has nothing to do with whether the society is profit-driven or not. But the truth is, the question is not about whether some people are able to stay sane and decent. In reality the main principles which govern the society inevitably have a major impact on how people behave, and denying it means being either blind or cunning.
    Besides, there are other values in life much more precious than material profit, so it is in fact more natural to be inclined to prefer friendship and respect to the insanity of perpetual drive to void wealth.


    Our current profit driven corporate structure is driven by a need to provide profits at any social cost for the benefit of shareholders or in some cases unbelievably these corporations are owned by individuals. Someone needs to control the greedy pigs at the top that gouge whatever they can for profit. Consumers behave in a similar way and as a result our complete social structure revolves around material gains at any expense. Consumers do have a choice however not forgetting that we are all subjected to corporate advertising that shapes our perceptions and beliefs. Onward to governance. Too many believe that small government is better... however as I pointed out above society and corporations are driven by similar financial needs without moral guidance. There is no care for the impact our demands are placing on the planet. The corporate pigs at the top (our moral leaders) are interested in nothing more than maximizing the size of their pockets. The is absolutely need for more governance and a greater need for moral guidance from the top. Someone needs to govern the GREEDY PIGS AT THE TOP that provide moral guidance and inspiration to society.

  • I think profit-driven societies place more importance on money than morals.

    I think profit-driven societies encourage people to put money, recognition and fortune above anything else. The person might have morals and be a typically "good" person, but knowing that they must perform a certain way for a job or to reach a goal might make them push their personal morals out of the way to accomplish what they need. People should be rewarded for doing the right thing or considering others, instead of doing something just for money.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • I would definitely say "yes", to a degree, because greed is not moral.

    This whole country, and the whole idea of a free society, is based on a profit-driven economy. That's what makes America, America. But, then again, I also feel that this country is probably one of the most greedy nations on earth, when it comes to wealth and gaining wealth. So, I basically think that people do not lack morals but, at the same time, I feel that they put those morals aside for the purpose of wealth and greed.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Yes, because for someone to profit, someone else often gets economically hurt in those societies.

    Unfortunately, many societies that are profit-driven lack morals. Too many rich people in powerful positions seem to share the belief that in order for them to get richer, someone else needs to become poorer, and has to have economic resources taken away from them. One example of this greed that many profit driven people display is the current tax system in the United States, which favors people that are rich so disproportionately.

    Posted by: P5ych0Ogdan
  • Is it moral to rob the ones who are productive?

    If you take away the rewards of productive labor or capital risk, you take away the benefits that accrue to society in jobs and wealth creation. Being jealous of people who reap the rewards of their efforts doesn't justify labeling it "greed" and robbing them. THAT's immoral.

  • Yes, a society that is driven by profit tends to have lower morals than one that is not driven by money, because morals are usually sacrificed for money.

    In a world where everyone is in pursuit of money, people tend to sacrifice the morals of that society in order to get the next dollar. In a perfect society, there would be no need for profit, because everyone would have what they need. Greed tends to rise when there is a chance for profit. And with that greed comes a disregard for the welfare of others. The haves then take advantage of the have-nots.

    Posted by: CaIEats
  • Yes, profit driven societies lack morals.

    Of course profit driven societies lack morals. Look at the United States. Money is power and power creates friction amongst the moral. You can't gain money without doing something illegal more than 75% of the time. Its sad but its true.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Profit driven societies lack morals because honesty isn't conducive to gaining materially.

    Honest people don't make big money. There is no denying it, so a society driven by high profit margins cannot possibly be a moral one. The love of money and the striving for material wealth are in direct opposition to morality because people with high moral standards have very different priorities; money not being one of them. Spirituality, family, citizenship and other priorities similar to these are the hallmark of a moral society--not the constant pursuit of money. Therefore, a profit driven society cannot be a moral society in general.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Live in the real world

    Non profit societies where everyone works hard to deliver the products, services and utilities that furthers the human race (in most cases) solely for the good of others is a fantasy. I have spent time in many former communist countries, coruption is everywhere, it has been proven time and time again not to work.

  • Fair exchange for services or goods is not a sign that there is a lack of morals.

    While people use the terms of money and income, what I feel is that there can never be something for nothing. How can expecting greater value for your work? If a street artist spends 3 hours on a painting how is it immoral to expect to pay a large sum for this painting? Is the artist immoral because he wishes to be compensated for his talent and work?
    The answer is no! Besides what is he/she asking for? Dollars, Rupees, Pesos? No matter the currency its still money. What if he was asking for chickens or wood, toothpaste? Is is still a value on his/her product and can be considered a form of exchange hence, profit.

  • I believe that morals are inherent in people, and are imposed by the request of the people, regardless of whether the society they live in is profit-driven.

    I believe that a profit-driven society operates separately of, but not in competition with, morals. Morals are a personal choice/belief that is inherent in people, regardless of the economic structure of the society in which they live.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • All societies have a code of morality, to one degree or another, and, therefore, so do profit drive societies.

    All societies have some sort of moral code. What is considered moral can radically differ between societies, but morals do still exist. Therefore, they do also exist in a profit-driven society. Furthermore, it can not be argued that societies that are not driven on profit are somehow more moral, as regimes, such as Stalinist Russia and Maoist China, committed mass murders, which are, in practically any society, considered immoral.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • No, because profit-driven societies can use the money to help other low income locations.

    The U.S. is a profit-driven society, but we pass part of what we make in services or money to other countries in need. Many associations, such as Mothers Without Borders and Doctors Without Borders, are people who make a profit from their job, but pass free care and love onto other countries.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • The only moral relationship between two people is a consensual and fair exchange where both parties benefit.

    What is immoral is to attempt to cheat someone or to profit at their expense while giving much less value in return. There is nothing immoral about exchanging your time, expertise or property for money or other values.

  • The presence or lack of morals in a society is not determined by its economic system.

    Immorality is seen in all forms of societies, whether driven by profit or not. Self-interest is inherent to human nature, perhaps even necessary for its survival, and will appear wherever there are people gathered in societies. Enlightened self-interest, no matter what the economic system of a given society, allows people to impose morality on their economic structure.

    Posted by: badfiish
  • Profit-driven societies can still be morally sound. Sometimes profit is necessary for them to prosper.

    In most societies, businesses and other functional aspects of society are profit-driven. It's a fact of life that profit is necessary for a society to prosper and for its citizens to succeed, so as long as a profit-driven society operates within moral means, it's not morally wrong to be profit-driven and goal-oriented.

    Posted by: jaamata
  • No, they do not lack morals necessarily.

    Morals and the lack thereof is not something that can be addressed in large general categories. Each person in this world is responsible for their own moral compass and keeping to their own set of morals. America is a very profit-driven society but there are individuals that have integrity beyond belief as well as those with questionable practices.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • Profit is not immoral; it is what is done with the profits that can make it seem that way.

    All profit is good, All. If there was no profit from a behavior, the human animal would not engage in the behavior. The problem starts when the profit is not used to build the human condition collectively, and there becomes suffering.

    Posted by: langga

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