• Yes yes yes

    Its easier to function within society than outside of it. The stress of worrying that clients may kill you, plus cops may offer to not charge you if they can rape you with consent. Feeling unsafe from the ones supposed to protect you. 7 more words needed? Really then.... Love

  • Legalized prostitution would protect sex workers from abuse.

    The black market creates more opportunity for other crimes. Even if morally stigmatized, sex workers would reduce their risk of being prosecuted. In the absence of other crimes, prostitutes obviously would welcome less negative exposure to their situation. I can see why it would be difficult for prostitutes to advocate for themselves. There are probably some who do not care if it's illegal.

  • Feminist and Religious Groups only want it illegal for their own reasons

    Sex workers in general chose their profession out of choice and they speak out against it being illegal and are also against it. The Nordic Model which is an anti-prostitution system in disguise of legalizing prostitution did not reduce the violence upon prostitutes. Hatred for prostitution is mainly supported by Feminists for political reasons and religious groups.

  • I Would Imagine So

    Given that prostitutes are committing illegal crimes in order to make their money, I am sure that they would prefer to see it legalized. This would allow them to advertise their services, if they chose to, and potentially lead to them make even higher wages. I would say on the average, people try to be upstanding citizens and don't want to be labeled as criminals.

  • Yes, prostitutes want prostitution legalized

    I agree that prostitutes want prostitution legalized. If prostitution were legalized prostitutes would be safer and have a reduced risk of abuse. Standards could be set in place to protect the prostitute and prevent the spread of STDs. A prostitute would find it easier to come to the police if she wanted to report someone. Clearly prostitutes would benefit from the legalization of prostitution.

  • More Money, No Jail

    I think that prostitutes would want prostitution legalized for a couple of reasons which include being able to make more money, because they would be able to advertise more freely instead of having to stand on a dark corner looking for business.

    I also believe that they would want prostitution to be legalized so that they would avoid jail, and be able to go to the police freely about a client that either didn't pay for their services, or one that was abusive and beat or stole from them.

  • Yes, prostitutes would want prostitution legalized.

    Personally, I would assume prostitutes want prostitution legalized. With it being illegal, they are at risk of being arrested, and the men who frequent them are also at risk of being arrested for illegal activity. There are licensed brothels in Nevada, and these legalized prostitution setups are patronized by men, and the risk of getting caught in a legalized brothel is nonexistent. It makes sense that prostitutes would want to lose the risk of being arrested and charged.

  • Legalization protects them from pimps.

    Something that some people have noted is that legalization of prostitution would lower the price of their services. This is probably true, and this would be an important argument if prostitutes actually got all of the money they made. Pimps- who offer protection/insurance to prostitutes- take much of the money that prostitutes make. Legalization would offer legal protection to prostitutes, allowing them to keep all of the money they make. It would also reduce the risk of them being arrested for prostitution and rescue them from the dangers of human trafficking.

  • Only Legal Prostitues Are in Las Vegas

    Prostitutes in the United States can't come forward to say they want prostitution legalized otherwise they will be arrested for being prostitutes if they don't live in Las Vegas. Prostitutes coming forward in Las Vegas to say the same thing are redundant because that's the only city that legalizes the occupation. Prostitutes don't want this legalized because more customers means a better chance of getting pregnant, spreading diseases or being sexually abused by men. Sure, there may be more money but at what cost to the woman's self esteem and self worth? Prostitutes don't want this legalized because really it's the men who want prostitution to go mainstream because they are the ones that destroy women's self esteem in the first place. This industry is all about male chauvinism, plain and simple.

  • Prostitutes do not Want Prostitution Legalized.

    Most prostitutes practice their trade under duress. Given a reasonable alternative, they would clearly choose a different job. We should not condone this abuse of women, but we should act to protect people who are at risk and provide alternative ways for them to live. Prostitution is fundamentally sexist and misogynistic.

  • Follow the Nordic Model

    Following the Nordic model (criminalize the buyers) would protect women (who make up 98% of those who are sex trafficked), while targeting the demand, men who are willing to buy sex. Women (and some men) are often trafficked in their teens and/or cannot find other work after receiving a criminal record for prostitution. Thus the recidivism rate is high.
    By decriminalizing or legalizing the trade, you are sanctioning an increase in rape culture and the myth that women are objects for men's pleasure. We say no because humans deserve to be treated with love, not for lust or physical gratification. Love uplifts and inspires the very best in human nature and development. The psychological and social implications of the sex trade are devastating.

  • No it's wrong

    Prostitution equates human to material goods, consume when needed and discarded when someone is irrelevant or stale. God creates every individual with unique gift but one has to work with God to find these talents, many people don't find their talents because God is missing, each person is unique with unique DNA,no 7 billions people in the world have the same DNA what a creation11!! You're original because that is God's wisdom.

  • Even though it makes sense to legalize it, Many do not want it legal.

    I could right a report on this subject on why they do not want it legal and break it down by subject, but the long and short of it is mostly about money.
    When something is illegal, more money can be got from it. Legalize something or decriminalize something and the price goes down and many girls would not want the "competition" if they can help it... Keeping it illegal actually helps keeps costs up for these girls.

  • They do not.

    Prostitutes do not want it to be legalized. While you would think that it would make sense for it to be legalized, they would take a serious hit to their income if it were. First of all, it would become taxed and with it being legal, more people would become prostitutes, which would lower the price.

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