• Psychedelics Give Experience

    For all extensive purposes I am going to focus my short paragraph going under the assumption that being smarter means you have more experience. Psychedelics allow for new experiences and connections to be made in the mind. For example, people often see things or experience things during his/her psychedelic "trip", things which they, more often than not, wouldn't have seen during their entire lifetime. Lets just say a normal human brain is like a cube, and everything you know, every emotion you have ever had, your entire subjectiveness of the experiences you have had on earth, everything is in that cube. Psychedelics take that cube and, turn it into a shape I couldn't draw if I tried. They give you an entirely different viewpoint on many situations. I have two friends who have had problems with addictive drugs, and both decided to quit the drugs and reform their lives. One now works as a youth minister at a church, and the other decided to backpack around the world to try and realize himself. Psychedelics put one in touch with themselves more than anything else in this world could ever hope to.

  • Depends on the reason they are being taken in my opinion.

    I think psychedelics can give a person wisdom on life especially the one psychedelic that is created naturally in most of life. In my opinion psychedelics are tools to help us rewire our brains to divine states of being alive. DMT is the only psychedelic in my opinion that gives you clear understanding of whats going on without the insanity.

  • Yes they do

    Psilocybin increases the connectivity between neurons. Any psychedelic used in a proper, respectful way increases spirituality and motivation, and even creativity. It stands to reason that this is accomplished via increased neural connectivity. It makes a lot of sense to say that that is the way it works in my opinion.

  • Increased processing mechanism

    The more information you take in within a lesser amount of time gives you increased perception of things. What is life without perception? Psychedelics have the ability to make you think about things quicker and with a different perspective on things. But this is only within your own consciousness the more you know the more material you have to make better conclusions and models from. Smart people and psychedelics work well together and sitting around whole day doing nothing everyday would not make you smarter. Read explore expand your mind psychedelics are only tools different tools are used to make the bigger picture remember that. Bless you :)

  • Subjective, Define Smart?

    It depends on your definition of smart. In the sense of understanding calculus when you didn't before? Unlikely , but possible. What they do (and your experience is directly tailored to your memories and life experiences) is expand your consciousness. They make you aware of or allow you to perceive things you ordinarily wouldn't be capable of perceiving. My use of hallucinogens has directly contributed to quitting alcohol, tobacco, wasting time playing video games, and also directly contributed to pursuing knowledge, researching various topics of interest, bettering myself in many ways. In that sense, they have the capability to speed up the learning process, which could be construed as 'making you smarter'. They can force you to face your fears and problems, which allows you to focus on other things more.

  • Psychedelics open the user to different perspectives

    Although there isn't really a good measure of 'smartness,' in general the use of psychedelics will give users an edge by providing them with alternative viewpoints on certain things that they otherwise would not have had. Although psychedelics won't do much to a person's IQ, they do open the person's mind up to a completely different perspective which could, theoretically, make the user smarter.

  • They Make you More Aware

    There are a myriad of different intelligences, and awareness is one of them.
    Of course, if we're looking at this debate from a subjective level, with anecdotal proof, it can vary. Some people may trigger mental illness by taking psychedelics.
    However, overall, it seems that psychedelics reduce depression and anxiety and increase wellbeing and awareness.
    This being said, psychedelics may not make one more intelligent, but lead to an individual being more curious, more open, and learning greater amounts, amounting in higher intelligence.
    Or perhaps it's just that more intelligent people experiment with psychedelics

  • They open you up to new ideas and experiences, for better or worse.

    In general, creative people become even more creative while under the influence of psychedelic drugs. They also seem to have a sort of ego-softening effect, which can have profound effect on how one sees their relationship to the world, others, universe, etc. From my experience, I am not sure if psychedelics can make you 'smarter' but they can def have a profound effect on how you see your purpose or approach to life. Also, most of the people I know who regularly take psychedelic drugs are some of the happiest and friendliest people I know, and many are wildly successful at many aspects of life. They are certainly not the stereotypical druggies.

  • Yes , it gives you more information about life and spirituality.

    Information means knowledge and that would mean intelligence . I feel bad for people who haven't taken psychedelics , going through life so close minded and confused. ...................... ............... //// / / // / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

  • They have improved my I.Q.

    I belive that personally they have increased my I.Q from 114 to 133-149 (Only done by Certified internet tests). The reason I belive they have done this Is because they have taught me to question everything all of the time and this surprised even me, I have witnesed a radical change in the way that I think only comparable to growing up as a child!

  • Psychadelics Do Not Make One Smarter

    No, psychadelic drugs do not make one smarter. Psycadelic drugs alter one's perception of the world and one's state of mind in such a way that one has difficulty establishing reality from fantasy. This alone is evidence that psychadelic drugs do not make one smarter, and instead make one borderline useless.

  • Not if your stupid

    I took a couple hits of acid on a Tuesday afternoon about 18 yrs ago.I had no idea what I just took.I was young.Lost.Not to bright.And willing to do just about anything to get a clue what I was existing for.I had been taking drugs for several weekends.But none where like acid.Might've made a difference had I known what I was doing.May not have.All I know is that If I was a little lost before I took them.I was not reading on the elemental chart after I took them.I thought I was never coming back.I had no friends (still dont)so I had no one to even try to help.I'm a normal looking guy.I just don't know how to talk to ppl.I think of it as seeing ppl through a window.I see them.They see me but I just can't figure out how to get around this window to somehow communicate.It's not easy for the average joe.And I don't think I'm an average joe.There's some type of virus in my brain.And I don't know what to do about it.I guess I was born to be fucked.And baby.I've been getting FISTED for as long as my memory serves.I have no idea what it's like to not get slapped around with sex toys.Spit on.Shit on.And pissed in my face.And the more I try and avoid it.The more ppl line up to wait their turn.Sometimes it feels like..Well..Maybe I should just soak in ky jelly.Put on lip stick and a short skirt.COME ON BABY.GIVE IT TO ME.

  • Intelligence obtained artificially.

    So take a drug to be more intelligent I'd the message?

    We don't need a drug to expand our perception of reality or our intelligence. Take time to dissect and examine our reality find the meaning in things squire new ideas and evaluate them. I find it sad that people think they need a drug to have profound thoughts.

  • Psychedelics create fear

    I know a couple people who have used psychedelics. They both got less active and self-absorbed, because they thought they knew more and had that sense of superior knowledge. No. Those kinds of drugs only give you ten thousand more things to worry about in this life, with some pointless entertainment/good feeling stuff. Try some real things on this plain that everyone can say actually happened yeah??

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