Do psychoactive drugs increase CRH concentration?

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  • CRH concentration is related to other causes.

    There is no reason to associate psychoactive drugs with an increased concentration of CRH. Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) concentrations have been linked with people suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and it is only logical that some of these people were under treatment of psychoactive drugs. The presence of both substances in a person does not necessarily indicate any causal effect or associate these two substances to each other specifically.

  • Psychoactive drugs normally dont increase crh concentration.

    CRH is basically a hormone created by pregnant women that affect hunger, thirst, and, in a nutshell, adrenaline. Since these are pretty much naturally occuring affects of the human body. It has been proven that certain psychoactive drugs, such as anti-depressants have little to no affect on crh concentration and have actually been proven to decrease crh concentration.

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