Do public figures and celebrities need to announce their sexual preferences?

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  • Public figures and celebrities do not need to announce their sexual preferences

    Public figures and celebrities do not need to publicly announce their sexual preferences. It is no one's business. Even in this age where privacy is limited, they still have a right to tell their preferences to whomever they choose, including keeping it to themselves. If they want to, they certainly can tell the public, but it should be a personal decision.

  • Public figures and celebrities have no obligation to annouce their sexual preferences to the world, as it is their own private business.

    Public figures and celebrities don't need to announce their sexual preferences, as this has nothing to do with the jobs they perform. Someone's sexual preference is their own private business and should have no bearing on his or her reputation or ability to do a job well. If a public figure or celebrity decides to announce his or her sexual preference, it has no consequence besides satisfying the public's curiosity, and they certainly have no responsibility to do this.

  • No, it is no matter.

    Why is the media and gay organizations so obsessed with who people sleep with, especially in the entertainment industry, they should not have to explain who or what they are doing with their private lives. It has gotten old, " is she gay or is he gay" so what if they are, it is none of your BUSINESS get a life!!!

  • It is a private issue

    While it may be great for other gay people when someone famous comes out, the decision itself should be left to that athlete or other famous person. There is still a lot of hate in the US, and being gay can cost you your job. It is up to individuals.

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