Do public opinion polling methods really sample enough people to get valid results?

  • Yes, I think public polling methods sample enough people to get valid results.

    I believe much work and study has gone into making opinion polling as accurate as possible, they use a specific number of people for a specific reason and they generally can get valid and geniune results from the sample sizes that they use, so overall I would say they sample the exact right amount of people.

  • Yes, it gives results that are as accurate as needed.

    I think they do. Most opinion polls are meant to give only an approximate idea of people's opinions. The larger the sample, the more accurate the poll, but the larger the poll, the more expensive and lengthy the poll is to complete. For most uses, the sample size they use is good enough for the purposes of the poll.

  • yes they do

    yes, except for Gallup, a lot of the people that do all of these polling things are getting a good sample of people and are getting some good valid results. i think that gallup only calls house phones, so that they miss out on a huge part of the popultaion.

  • Demographics aren't everything

    Public opinion polls are sometimes accurate and sometimes not. The reason it's such a tossup is that actual statistics regarding demographics are very difficult to actually ascertain, and ultimately are little more than an educated guess by researchers who do not have the time or ability to poll literally every person around.

  • No, public opinion polling methods do no sample enough people.

    I do not think that public opinion polling methods do a good job of sampling the opinions of people to get a valid result. I think that there aren't enough people used to get an accurate result. Another variable in this matter is the fact that some people who vote a certain way do not really want to share their opinions.

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