• Yes, Israel's public places must have tighter security.

    Yes, Israel must take swift action to increase the security of its public places. The increasing instability of the Middle East creates a savage threat that must be met with the response of tighter security. Israel's long struggle with violence and racial tensions can only grow worse as the danger represented by militant groups in Iraq and surrounding areas grows stronger. An unprotected environment is the perfect incubator for disaster, and increased security is a necessity to keep the volatile situation from exploding.

  • Israel needs increased security because it has many enemies.

    Israel has many enemies surrounding its borders. Religious radicals from Pakistan, terrorist groups, Hezbollah, ISIS and the like threaten the Middle Eastern region and threaten to destroy all others that are not like them. While Israel does have strong border security, it still lives in close proximity to many groups that threaten violence and therefore it should have high security and vigilance all over.

  • Preserving Country's Safety

    Isreal is a very historic country in the world, and a foundation for some of the largest religions in the world. Many tourists from around the world visit and tour public places. With increasing tensions with the countries around it, Israel should have increased security at its public places to not only protect tourists but its citizens as well.

  • Pubilc places in Israel need increased security.

    Public places in Israel have been placed under siege by numerous acts of terrorism. This fear has struck deep and is causing lots of damage to Israeli's economy and governmental body. Increasing the security in public places is paramount to creating a peaceful environment where people feel safe and secure.

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