• Yes, public schools handle food and drug safety properly.

    Public schools handle food and drug safety properly. I believe this is because schools undertake many precautions to ensure that food remains within healthy standards and drugs (whether legal prescriptions or illegal substances) are monitored by adult staff and, in many cases, on-campus police. Food is handled safely because sanitation requirements prevent food-borne illnesses from spreading through cafeterias and kitchens. Many times, food is also imported from a third party distributor that cooks food to be shipped to schools. Prescription drugs are handled by school nurses, preventing students from direct access to the drugs. And illegal drugs are often searched for in morning assemblies before classes through the use of on-campus police, canine units, and monitor systems. For these reasons, public schools handle food and drug safety properly.

  • Yes, public schools handle food and drug safety properly.

    I definitely think that public schools handle food and drug safety properly. I think that public schools these days do a good job of making sure that the food that is served to their students meets all the safety requirements. I also think their policies on drugs are also fair and adequate.

  • I think they're handling both items quite well.

    Yes, I think that public schools do an outstanding job dealing with food and drug safety. There is so much liability involved when you mix children with food and drugs. Considering the acute lack of poisoning or drug overdose cases at schools, they appear to be doing a great job.

  • No, schools don't properly handle food or drugs.

    There are too many cases of students going hungry or getting sick from the food served to them in schools. Some schools have gone so far as to restrict children from bringing food from home. Dangerous medications are practically handed out like candy. Many children also have food allergies and they are seldom taken into consideration when the school prepares lunch enmasse for the large number of students. There is also the question of how long the food has been sitting out. (Especially the milk!)

  • No, public schools do not handle food and drug safety properly.

    No, public schools are not safe when it comes to food and drug handling. First of all, the cafeterias are absolutely filthy. In addition, they use low quality and unhealthy ingredients filled with preservatives. The cafeteria is a money making scheme in public schools and it is a shame because our children end up suffering because of it.

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