• Massachusetts schools indoctrinate their students.

    The Definition of indoctrination: To teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. In the schools my kids go to, they promote multiculturalism very, very often. When it is raised... In class or in books or video, it is always with a favorable bias. Never do they discuss potential problems or downside risks. An opinion in favor of, or against, multiculturalism is an opinion, not a fact. As such, both sides of the issue need to be presented for it to not be considered indoctrination.

  • Not much rational thought process going on

    They regurgitate what they were taught. They are not taught rational though, they are taught what to think not how to think. Public schools are also a place where the kids are told what they can and cannot wear, what shots they have to have. It would be much more beneficial if kids were allowed to be kids and not told to sit down and shut up while a teacher drones on about topics most kids do not care about all day long.

  • They absolutely do

    People naturally assume that the public school system is trying to do what's best of the children. The fact of the matter is that these institutions have nothing to do with education. They are set up by people who, like all other people, have their own personal agendas. The public school's true purpose is to put certain messages into the children's heads so they'll be more obedient of the government when they get older.
    Consider the 'grade' system. You start off in first grade, where you're placed not by academic ability, nor by willingness to learn, but by age. The reason for this is very simple. Most children already think of adults as if they're their superiors, and now they'll associate their position in the grade system with superiority. Obviously, that's nonsense. A kid in the 5th grade may very well have less overall academic ability then a kid in the 2nd grade. Moreover, education isn't something that can be ranked. The kind of education that tends to be more valuable later on in life is your specialization, not the sheer quantity of raw general knowledge.
    Next, consider the way a classroom is structured. The teacher is in charge. The students are to listen to the teacher. This is most peculiar as well. After all, the teacher is a hired employee, who is in fact working for the students. If anything, the teacher should be listening to the concerns of the students, not the other way around. The reason the classroom setting is set up in this way is clear. The students learn at an early age to respect authority figures, so later on, they obey the government.

  • Without a Doubt

    “The proof is in the pudding! ” as they say.
    I’ve had endless discussions with so called well educated individuals who are totally in the dark about half the subjects they profess the be well versed. Civics, History, Economics etc. It is really pathetic.
    These are the half educated. . . . Sad very sad.

  • School system created to remove individual thinking

    I AS a parent of four raising children strong in cultural history and faith, Believe the school system is the devils doorway to create minds to depend on government politics hard work ethic to live to serve an American nation that does not serve out true indigenous people, So basically indoctrination of mind control. . . Mental slavery. WHAT they teach you in their State approved text books is far from real truths, Homework and assignments exhaust today's young minds, Keep their focus on pleasing the system, And don't draw them near their faith standards but instead, Make it questionable. THE clear mind control tactics through school sheets and assignments is to make and create a one student mindset that does not think away or oppose to the way the school system lays out rules regulations and their hidden lies projected as truth. Also sad but true but there's a preference to how a minority to the typical white race will compare and when given the placement tests is only to see if a minority will qualify inside their system or compatible to be broken and trained to serve. It's a shame because the school system has become just as corrupt as the government and might I say enough so, They build up these young minds to over expect to go to some of the most prestige schools, To learn a trade in exchange to believe they'll be seen and accepted as superior in the working class system. Far from the truth because in the end they're working hard in debt, For the rest of their life to pay off school loans, And by the time they land a job it's not the ideal one promised in 11th grade by your counselor, And your stressed and miserable. Too late when you come to realize children tested at young ages were already pre chosen and they knew whom they'de choose and who they would just fill with vain dreams, But with expectatives that in some moment your child would say " is it me? " BUT no it never was. . . This place runs on race, And political powers and corrupt system and favoritism. Indigenous people and blacks are not their priority. The system was made to create and reprogram an already very smart overstanding intelligent unique mind. The understanding is to keep the minds below what's expected. THEY know how to keep us under.

  • Trying to Make us Lean Left

    I personally am a high school student in Georgia, Which is historically a red state, But even here the judgment is felt. We as a school are not supposed to show any political stance, But stickers or posters supporting liberal causes are tolerated with ease, But one little Trump sticker on my computer is grounds to be sent to the Dean's office. There is an indoctrination of our youth whether you choose to see it or not.

  • Brainwashing and indoctrination is what public schools excel at doing.

    It's a system originally created by industrialists and supported by the government to create workers not free thinkers. They wanted mindless somewhat skilled obedient workers. Reason, logic, truth and free independent thought where not what they wanted. That would have created competition. Now they use this archaic system to keep people mindless and technically very under-educated. They want uninformed and apathetic tax-slaves to continue their enslavement by their own actions through the tyranny of the majority and the illusion of choice in elections, in order to support and the unconstitutional monetary system based on debt that destroys their assets' value through inflation; perpetuating the enslavement of the People of the Nation. It is brainwashing!

  • Stalin said, "Give me your young"

    Schools have no business praising the values of democrats while presenting republicans negatively. Only families have the right to expose their children to their beliefs. The entire educational system in America is CONTROLLED by democrats. People will make up their own minds when presented with facts and not opinions. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is the right of everyone which includes pursuit of truth, not democratic opinions.

  • Education is the key

    Our educational system is about the future of our country. It has always been that way. So there is naturally going to be mass schooling. And any kind of mass schooling is going to contain some sort of indoctrination. Until a child is old enough to learn to think on his/her own, they will automatically accept as true whatever they are told. And until they are taught how to think critically, they still won't think critically. Critical thinking is not something that comes naturally, it must be taught, and those who indoctrinate anti-American beliefs in our children know this. Likewise, any kind of grading system is going to contain some form of competition: an A is not a B, a B is not a C, and so on. These things can't be avoided: passing is not failing, failing is not passing. When your car breaks down, so you're late for work, do you give your car an A for a job well done or do you try to find out what the problem is? The solution is not to make everyone equal (name one person who you think is equal to yourself; name one person who you think is better than yourself; it doesn't work), but to create future citizens who will believe that doing their part in their country (whatever it might be, from washing cars to being CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation) helps to make their country stronger, safer, freer, and more prosperous. There is no country in the World that can compare with the USA in these things. Creating future citizens who hate their country (which is what our current educational system is doing) cannot possibly make for a better country.

  • Liberals find objectivity repugnant

    Not only is curriculum overwhelmingly the liberal-only viewpoint,but they'll push their politics in the classroom as well. An example in my own life was when a high school English teacher told those of us who were 18 years old that we "should vote Democrat" despite whatever our parents' leanings. Yeesh!

  • There is a difference between Indoctrination and Socialization

    So to quote from my college textbook, one of the function of education is socialization: "The general process of social learning whereby the child learns the many things necessary to become a well-functioning and acceptable member of a particular social environment” (Ryan and Cooper - Those Who Can, Teach, edition 13). Yes, some indoctrination does occur but it is all subjective. Some form of socialization is UNAVOIDABLE. Plus this website DID NOT define indoctrination. If we are to have a productive debate on the topic, that would be nice.

    Basically, what I am saying is that some model of common courtesy and professionalism is absolutely necessary for job interviews and building professional relationships. School can be an appropriate facilitator for such purposes.

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