• Obviously, they do!

    I myself love drawing. However, my school does not offer art for my grade. I also don't feel comfortable drawing at home because my sister was already crowned "Artist of the Family" and everyone just looks at me like I follow in her footsteps, which I DON'T. So what do I do? Well, during class, I can't resist the urge and start drawing during a math lesson or something. I even stopped going to recess during lunch so I could stay inside and draw on a desk in the hallway without wind blowing my work all the time and without the risk of a bird pooping on something I liked. Now that I draw in class, the teachers want me to stop and this is affecting my grades. My point: children have different interests. The same way people who enjoy sports have gym every week to look forward to, people who like the arts like me should have art to look forward to.

  • I'm no artist, but that doesn't mean other people aren't.

    I hated art. I have no creativity bone in my body. But that doesn't stop me from seeing the importance an art program can have on others. Some people see art as a stress release. They can lose themselves in their work and forget about all the problems. Some students simply have natural talent, and can grow their talents through an art program. A future scientist may never live up to his potential if he didn't have the science classes to grow in. Why is art any different?

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