• Public schools need uniforms.

    Students are more disciplined when they wear uniforms as opposed to when they can chose their own clothes. Students have enough to worry about without having to chose their own outfits every day. It makes more sense to let everyone wear the same thing every day to instill a sense of uniformity.

  • Yes to school uniforms

    I think schools should have uniforms so that kids don't get made fun of and bullied. Also the popular kids get very picky about what other wear and how it looks on them. With uniforms kids don't have to worry about missing the bus because they don't know what to wear.

  • Public schools need uniforms

    Yes, I think that public schools should pay for uniforms. Those students who wear uniforms will look more professional at school and not worry about how they look. When students are at school they are there to learn and uniforms will shift the focus from what students are wearing to what they are learning.

  • Uniforms are Great for public schools

    Public schools should have uniforms because it will look organized and better than normal clothes where there is a ton of different colors making it look bad. It can also prevent bulling from happening because if it is about the clothes everybody will be wearing the exact same thing and nobody would feel bad about them selfs

  • Schools Need Uniforms

    Yes, public schools need uniforms. Uniforms bring multiple benefits. First, they stop the easy identification of gang members based on color. Second, they eliminate the possibility of a student being picked on or ostracized for looking different from everyone else. Thus, school uniforms bring about a positive benefit to the schoolplace.

  • Yes they do

    I think that in some cities where gang activity is high that there should be uniforms because it would help prevent violence and in poor ghettos where kids can not afford the clothes they want it would help relieve stress on them and help allow them to focus more on their grades.

  • Public schools benefit from uniforms.

    Students are too focused on their appearance during much of their grade school years. This distraction becomes worse over the years. For students that don't have a lot of fashionable clothes, this becomes an issue of feeling embarrassed and somehow less attractive. School should be a place where students are in an environment where they are able to focus on learning. School uniforms are a step in the right direction in providing a better learning environment.

  • Uniforms Are Great

    I believe public schools do need uniforms. Uniforms are cost effective, meaning families can budget the cost of clothing for their children more accurately. Uniforms foster a neutral environment where children can't judge each other based on their appearance. Uniforms make classrooms appear more professional and infuse a sense of responsibility and business like attitudes towards school.

  • Hell no hell no

    Because uniforms prevent them from having individuality and freedom to express themselves. We don't need anything holding us back. And also people always talk about how people shouldn't be categorised so...
    I think if we don't have school uniform then it will help us move forward and we will be the best generation.

  • No no no no NUUUUUU

    No just no just a big no kids dont need them and dat iis dattttttt no just no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no .-.

  • No the do not.

    I do not think that public schools need uniforms. I think that one of the good things about public schools is that it gives students the freedom to choose what to wear. I think that this helps young people to make better decisions. It also helps their creativity in other areas.

  • Why should we wear uniforms to school?

    NO! ,i don't think kids should wear uniforms to school because, i would like to pick my own style of cloths to wear everyday. It should be us to pick our own cloths, not them. And i think it would be weird for everybody to wear the same thing everyday.

  • No no no

    Why ? Why do we have to deal with this nonsense. It doesnt make sense at all. School uniforms are a burden to students and parents. Nobody wants to pay an uncalled for price for a polo. Uniforms should be banned and banned forever. That is what i think about the topic

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