Do Puerto Ricans in the United States distort the poll counts during local, state, and national political races to a significant degree?

  • Puerto Ricans in the U.S. do distort the poll counts

    Obviously the Puerto Ricans in the U.S. Distort the poll counts during local, state and national political races to a large degree. There is a huge population of Puerto Ricans in the U.S. today, and the majority of them do vote only one way. If they are on the democratic side, chances are, a democrat will win thanks to their votes.

  • Puerto Ricans do not distort poll counts significantly.

    There are few states that even claim to have a significant Puerto Rican population. There are small pockets of Puerto Rican populations that impact city elections, and sometimes congressional elections. Even those are minimal. The better strategy is to address the entire spanish speaking population. This will capture not only Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, but almost all of the South American immigration population. Be careful not to insinuate that they are all the same though. That will just prove ignorance of their heritage and alienate the population.

  • No think about the question.

    The question in talk right now is talking about Puerto Rico at the local, state, and federal levels when talking about the United States of America. How in the world does local elections effect the polls of the United States as a whole the same goes true at the state level.

  • No Puerto Ricans do not sway the polls significantly.

    While every vote counts in the US, I feel that Puerto Ricans do not significantly distort the poll counts during local, state, and national political races. The population of Puerto Rico is just over 3 million people. If all of these citizens voted they would make up 2% of the total voters nationally. This is not enough to distort the poll.

  • There Are Not That Many of Them

    Puerto Ricans are a small minority. There is not a whole lot of them to skew polls one way or another. The only place that has a significant Puerto Rican population is New York city, and even there it is not enough to skew or distort a poll one way or another.

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