Do racial double standards still exist in the USA?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • When I think of this I wanna burn the flag for sure (as the picture shows)

    "Seinfeld" Puerto Rican Day episode has been pulled from syndication, when it wasn't even racist. Yet "Friends" episodes that were racist and make fun of blacks, Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, tomboys who prefer guy friends and autistic folks are not banned at all, and are in syndication all the time. I swear this country is brimming with double standards.

    At least "Seinfeld" got love in Australia.

  • Yes they do

    Just ask Lesley mc spadden. She can assault someone and not get charged . Jackie Johnson can collect money illegally and not get charged. Black people can call each other the N word and it's ok and accepted. Paula Dean said it once and her career was ruined. If anyone ever came up with the NAAWP there would be riots everywhere. So yes there are double standards.

  • Replace white with black in headlines

    It's an obvious double-standard when you have people who are writing about a specific race such as dear white people, what white people need to stop doing, how white people could be better or why my black child should not be friends with a white child... Would be called racist if it's said black instead of white. Blatant hypocrisy.

  • Yes but not the way you think.

    Double standards? Absolutely. Just ask Leslye McSpadden, Mike Brown's mom. She assaulted a family member and got away with it so there wouldn't be unrest. Jackie Johnson can solicit money so she can protest the death of her son which may or may not have been accidental and face no charges for tax fraud. Blacks can call each other any name they want but if whites do it there is a public outcry. If anyone ever started the NAAWP there would be riots all over the place. So yes, there is definitely a double standard.

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