Do rain delays make it difficult for NASCAR fans to enjoy the sport due to rescheduling?

  • Its the nature of the sport

    It can ruin a weekend especially when they are in one city and on to the next it is harder on a fan than when baseball games get rained out. Im sure a lot of fans get screwed out of their weekends if they don't have the ability to stick around for another day or 2 to watch the race. But thats the nature of the sport and fans should understand that.

  • Rain delays of NASCAR are undesirable but necessary.

    It is unfortunate that NASCAR fans, some of the most fervid and loyal sports fans in the world, must endure rain delays. Yet such delays are necessary for the safety of the race car drivers. If rain delays were eliminated, NASCAR drivers would risk grave injury or death at exponentially increased rates.

  • No one likes rescheduling

    No one likes rescheduling. It can ruin a person's day because people will take off from work for major events, whether it is a delay of a few hours or a few days. Unlike racecar drivers who are paid to be in the races, the guests are usually paid to be elsewhere.

  • Rain delays don't make it hard to enjoy Nascar.

    If you are present at the sport it would be way more fun to watch in dry weather. No one wants to get soaking wet and have to keep wiping water from their face to be able to see the sport.Those at home who watch the sport on television,I am sure they understand and still watch when the sport can start.

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