Do rationalists want us to be robots with no feelings?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I get that impression

    Reason isn't everything in life. Heart and soul are the most important first. If anything it's from a good heart that knowledge and wisdom come from. Without heart, there is no reason for intelligence. I find people who espouse reason the most to be abnormal. It's like they want us to be robots, that don't have feelings.

  • No, and the idea is idiotic!

    The idea that people who hold rationality above emotion want us to be "unfeeling robots" is, at best, moronic. No, that's completely wrong. It simply advocates that we should be reasonable and logical in the way that we conduct ourselves, science, politics and philosophy. Furthermore, a "good heart" has nothing to do with knowledge or wisdom. Experience and intelligence do. Logic does. Only through the application of reason can we come to new knowledge. The very definition of wisdom advises against emotionality and toward rationality. Furthermore, laws and moral rules are determined by rationale, not by "heart". "Heart and soul" are abstract concepts with no basis in reality nor a definition(further, there is no such thing as a soul). They are far from the most important things in life. Reliance on rationality isn't being emotionless. Emotion can and will exist. If anything, rationality takes that within consideration. And no, there is no correlation between "heart' and intelligence. Intelligence is the thing that insures you live a happy life, that medicine exists to combat sickness, it insures the improvement of human life and understanding. Period. "Heart" is irrelevant. For all is in the mind, including emotion.

    PS: The idea that robots or artificial intelligence cannot have emotions is very limited and misinformed.

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