Do real-life superheroes stand in the way of the police?

  • Real-life superheroes stand in the way of the police.

    Although sometimes effective, real-life superheroes most certainly stand in the way of the police. The police are an organized group that rely on the public to have some semblance of the law to function correctly. There may be good intentions behind someone acting outside of the law for perceived good, but this most usually gets in the way of the police correctly doing their job.

  • I'm Geist, the Real-Life Superhero whose picture you're using for this good debate.

    The weapons and items I choose to carry are researched and legal in whatever state I travel to. If a stun weapon, baton or pepper spray isn't legal in a state I travel to, it remains behind. I defer to the police in all matters and will act as another pair of eyes and ears on the street for them. Aside from photos, I've never needed to draw a weapon. I'm skilled at verbally de-escalating potentially volatile situations. My primary goals are humanitarian, to feed and give supplies to the homeless and assist anyone in need. My first response to a violent offense is to call the police, but I'm prepared to do what's necessary until they can arrive. I also paint over gang graffiti to help bring the cities back to the citizens. It's probably the most dangerous activity I do. Other than that, consider myself and other RLSHs similar to the Guardian Angels, patrolling the streets, greeting people, and just making sure everyone is safe.

  • No you will see

    Because, thay help the cops.They help the cop wift the bad people in the world. Sowe the cops dont have to do that much stuff. And maybe the superhero can thech the cops how to be a good friter and stuff.And show the cops how to make the wepons. Bye.

  • Real life superheroes are doing what is right.

    If a regular person ran into a burning building with firefighters to rescue someone, that person would be considered a hero. If a person wearing a mask or costume ran into a burning building to save someone, would it be bad? If a regular person stopped a mugger, he would be a hero. If someone with a mask and cape did it, would that be any different?

  • Real life superheroes are rare.

    It is a rare occurrance to see a real life superhero therefore they do not stand in the way of the police. Police are still able to do their job without having to worry about someone else doing it for them and even if a real life super hero did steal their job I am sure they would not complain about someone serving justice.

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