• Yes, it's an "end of world" type scenario.

    The results of climate change do point to things that are said in the bible regarding signs that we are coming closer to the end of the world. The problem is that this is seen as inevitable and so it is pointless to do anything about it. The religious world view does see our time on earth as coming to a definite close, but because of that also believes that there is no need to make efforts to preserve it since that is part of a larger plan of God's making. So, yes, they do mix, but not well.

  • Take Religion Out Of Science

    Science can be proven, and climate change has been proven over and over again. Just because somebody believes something spiritually doesn't mean it's necessarily good for scientific policy. Only, religion and climate change denial seems to be something wholly typical of the evangelical Christians, the Republican Party, and the Tea Party.

    Posted by: rpr
  • They definitely do not mix.

    Unless you believe in magic and fairy tales, no, religion and climate change do not "mix." It's completely ridiculous and silly to think one thing has to do with the other. They are related in the sense that people THINK that the increase in natural disasters are indicative of the apocalypse, but that's like saying getting a quarter under your pillow is indicative of the tooth fairy.

  • The two topic are completely unrelated.

    I'm not exactly sure how to state my opinion on this subject matter, considering that the two topics have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Do unicorns and New York strips mix? They are both completely independent of each other. But they are always those who are ignorant morons, who will claim that they are somehow related....

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