• Yes, in order to survive in the future.

    If a religion hopes to survive the future and with the writing on the wall, then they need to seriously consider adopting a more democratic way of doing things. Gone are the old days of one person ruling over all. We as a people no longer accept such a thing, for sure.

  • They can't democratize or else it will cause them more problems.

    First and foremost, I am not religious, but I think that they can't democratize religions because it will take away from the supposed Word of God. If religion is voted on like politics, where will it end up? Justin Bieber might become pope if that were the case. Seriously people, it's not happening.

  • God is not democratic

    Absolute truth cannot be voted on. If an institution has a claim to absolute truth it is simply absurd to ask them to be democratic. If the religion is true and what they state is absolute, divine truth, then you are wrong to oppose them, if it is not then the people ought to vote with their feet and get out.

  • No, religion does not need to democratize.

    Religion and politics need to stay separated. No one religion should be a democracy. If a person starts placing politics with religion, a huge fight can begin. Everyone believes their religion is the right one, and everyone else is wrong. When you mix politics with that already thought, it will ensue a huge mess.

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