Do religious claims stand up to good questioning?

Asked by: Reasonslap
  • The answer is within this debate.

    Whether one believes in a religion or not, religion has to have held up to good questioning through time or there would be no religions today. Yes there are many who blindly follow the blind, but for the majority of people in the world questioning comes naturally. Many authors and religious debaters give great answers to the great questions asked of them and in return give great questions. Of course nether side can actually prove 110% they are correct on either matter. Reading books from such authors as Lee Strobel, Christian apologetics author, Isaac ben-Abraham, from the Jewish community and an Islamic author, Reza Aslan, would all give a good debate on their religions. So whether or not one believes in a specific religion, all known religions can stand up against good questioning, even if they are not correct, for at least their own followers and many non followers.

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