Do religious teachings blind most people of the truth about religion?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes they most certainly do.

    Only one religion can be true because of the contradictions. So most religions are false man made religions that were not put here by god. But every religious teaching leads to tons of people believing in it while most religions are false. All religions are believed which basically means a kid with crayons could convince you to believe something that is not true. Religion usually makes no sense morally. The christian religion says that god curses children for the sins of their parents and tells stories about god doing just that as if we deserve something for what ancestors did before we were born. That is going to be proven irrational in a rational mind. The bible says that there is more ways to come to deserve something than just earning it. Also ridiculous. An atheist only believes in one fewer god than the religious person believes in. When it comes to all other religions your an atheist because you dont believe in who the people of those religions call god. Why then believe in something just like that religion when no proof or evidence is offered? Because your feeling instead of thinking. Your too lazy to think so you use your feelings which are immediate where thinking takes years and change. You dont want to have to relearn everything you think you know about religion so you just trust your feelings which are congruent with the relgiion you were raised around. Its a proven fact that the conscience consists of vague reminiscences of precepts heard in early youth. That being the case it should not be trusted.

  • Yes, Religionists are mostely right brain imbalance.

    Our right brain handles creativity, big picture thinking, imagination etc. If the right brain goes imbalance, the lymbic brain takes over the major functions and the person is ruled by their emotions. Now the person is addicted to their emotions, divorced from logical thinking.
    Goto youtube and search "mark passio natural law seminar" 8hour 48 minute video.
    It is explained there in detail.
    Atheists are left brain imbalance.

  • Belief doesn't make it true.

    These people are blinded by faith. This faith that they have is because they are too arrogant to understand that this world isn't what they want it to be. This universe isn't what they want it to be. They are simply deluding themselves to thinking something is true simply because it would be fucking dandy if it was! "Life can't be meaningless!" They often say. It objectively is. That's reality. Live with it. Grow up. Understanding that your existence won't be forever or eternal is key to beginning to live out the existence you have. This belief and their faith, not only does it not prove shit, subjects them to a fantasy world with fairly tales and myths solely designed to control others. That is the truth. They have faith in their religion and that it is a force for good without taking any evidence into account and blaming it on human error. In a secular discussion, where they can't use the faith card, there is no hiding from reality.

  • Of course, No one wants to be wrong, or bad.

    Any dogmatic religion teaches only the best part of the religion. The bad parts are not looked at as "look what god did" but as "look what those people did to god" . Admitting your religion has bits and pieces of inconsistency, and morality that doesnt apply to todays standards is admitting there are parts of the dogma not to be trusted, parts of the belief that are untrue, a fault in the god or a fault in your mind for believing in such a wrong god.

  • What is this truth about religion?

    I agree with the previous post for NO because what is meant about the truth of religion is not defined. The proposition presupposes religion to be a sham. With that presupposition made, the proposition attempts to answer its own question in the affirmative thereby disallowing any meaningful debate.

    Being a Christian/LDS myself, I do agree with the opening line of the first YES column; "Only one religion can be true because of the contradictions". But I have to go with NO because I don't consider myself blinded to some evil truth.

  • What is meant by "the truth about religion"

    I'm an Atheist (that's the second time today I've felt the need to prefix my argument with that statement to give it some value in the eyes of cynics). I feel that this opinion is meaningless, since the "Truth" of religion will be subjective to the debater. To a 'Militant' atheist, the answer would be "Yes, of course it does. It shields them from the truth that religion is meaningless and was devised to control people."
    To an Evangelist, or any other denomination of a religion that takes it's religious texts as the ultimate truth, the answer would be "No, as our religion is Truth itself."
    Those who interpret the teachings in their own way would argue that the teachings are a guide to finding the truth.
    In summary, this is an impossible topic to debate, created only to harness disdain towards religion. Why? The person who created this topic has made a second topic in which he also argued against religion (very poorly too). I strongly suggest he brushes up on his theology and should go talk to a religious person instead of seeing them as an unthinking hive mind.

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