• Both sides create gridlock

    It is just one side is better at it. One side also does it on purpose, to make sure they get their way. I have seen the Republicans do some shady things the last 5 years to create gridlock. I have seen the President pretty much agree with every point the Republicans proposed at one time, but now Republicans could not be further away from that given issue. Health care is a perfect example, because the Affordable Care Act is mostly a Republican plan.

  • Of course they do.

    Republicans made their intentions clear immediately after President Obama won his first term by declaring that they hoped he failed. And they've been working overtime to make that a self-fulfilling prophecy ever since. Republicans, for example, have blocked all efforts to enact job programs. This has allowed them to point the finger at the president for slow job growth. Ditto consumer demand; they block attempts to increase demand -- jobless benefits come to mind -- then blame the president for sluggish job growth. Republicans sabotage the economy in order to create problems. Then they run on the promise of being able to fix those problems.

  • No, Republicans are not intentionally holding up Congress

    I do not believe that Republicans intentionally cause a gridlock in Congress when they are voting for or against the issues they believe in. The gridlock happens because there are two opposing thoughts on certain issues and neither side will budge. The Democrats could as easily change their minds on issues and vote with the Republicans to keep from holding up Congress.

  • No, no more than Democrats do.

    No, the Republicans are not responsible for gridlock in Congress, any more than Democrats are. Because we have, for the most part, a two-party system, it's inevitable that heads will lock at times. When this happens, something has to give or else they'll end up in gridlock. But neither side in particular is to blame when this type of situation arises. It's simply because there are two sides to every issue, and neither side wants to give.

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