Do Republicans need to reconsider their stance on social issues?

  • They seem to be out of touch with facts and sentiments

    The GOP has stopped representing most Americans -- their views are seen as inhumane. Virtually every person in this country is or knows someone who is harmed in life and work, has lost homes, income and security due to the GOP's policies of indifference to the struggles of regular people.

  • Absolutely

    People aren't buying all the bs spouted from homophobes anymore, and people are annoyed by the anti-abortion agenda. The Republicans would do better to support ectogenesis (artificial womb) research and leave abortion and related issues alone until the research reaches a breakthrough and pushes viability back to conception.
    Another social issue they should reconsider is guns. Even Scalia says assault rifles aren't protected by the 2nd amendment. A handgun ban could never work in this country even if it works for other countries. That's just our culture, it would be unenforceable. But the assault weapons ban had worked if you actually take the time to go over the statistics.

  • Republicans need to firm up their conservative stance

    The Republican party has been known (and often castigated by those on the Left) for being too "Leave It To Beaver" when it comes to its moral stance. The issue shouldn't be whether a certain percentage of people agree or disagree with that stance, but whether it has a positive or negative effect on society. I believe the moral views of the Democrat party are crippling our nation. While I believe in conservative values because of my faith, I believe that practically they can be shown to produce a better society.

  • Obviously

    The last election was a very emphatic "we don't want you" from the country. The party clings to nothing more than its hardcore base, undecided voters despise them and (rightfully) look at them as the harbor of racist, homophobic bigots. Mitt Romney was not why they lost, the Republican primaries featuring Bachmann and Santorum was.

  • If they want to win

    Social issues are crippiling the Republican party. If they want their message of national security, self accountability and fiscal responsibilty to win they need to realize that in a free country people get to do things you don't like. Leave the hard nosed religious right to die in their self imposed wilderness and come into the 21st century before the Democrats insure there is no 22nd for this country.

  • Yes, Republicans need to reconsider their stance on social issues.

    Republicans seem to have a hard line stand on social issues, either it is right or wrong, but life is not that simple. I think Republicans too many times base their stance on social issues by relying on their religious beliefs. This is a problem because what ever social issue it may be it basically is saying, if you do not live your life like we think you should then you don't get the same rights as we do. Majority rules should not be used on personal issues. Republicans have to accept humans are born different and have different ideas, goals and needs. The Republicans quote the bible on the gay marriage issue. Well when the Bible was written did it mention pensions, health benefits or next of kin laws? Everyone should have the right to be themselves and receive the same benefits.

  • Pubs should have conviction on what they believe.

    Republicans need to have conviction on their conservative views. Being on both sides causes confusion, and voters do not have a clear understanding of what the party stands for. Upholding true conservatism (ala Reagan) on fiscal and social issues will lead to more wins. Look at all the Tea Party wins. Look at how Pubs win the red states. Why? Because they uphold traditional values, and those people believe in those values.

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