• YES

    Dear God, yes. They need to step away from that drug as quickly as possible, or they are going to go extinct. Reagan was a decent guy with decent ideas for the time that he lived in.

    But this is the key to the whole thing: his ideas were good for the time. We live in a different world now, and his ideas are just making things worse for most of the people in this country.

  • At least publicly

    There has never been somebody more infallible than Reagan according to vocal members of the party. Their justification for anything is "well Reagan did it" and legitimately consider that a complete argument. It's unsettling, often outdated, and inconsistent (hey remember that time Reagan granted a bunch of people amnesty). As much as I hate to use such a beaten to death and tiresome internet comparison, they really have done the Chuck Norris jokes thing with Reagan. They're serious, though.

  • Yes, The Reagan Fetish Is Just Creepy Now

    The Republican Party is so twisted and conservative now that they are having a hard time reaching out to the American people. They used Ronald Reagan as some sort of litmus test for Republicanism; however, in reality Reagan was probably more liberal than most Democrats nowadays. The GOP has fetishised the Reagan Era to the point where they are living in a fiction.

  • Backing Away from the Things that Work?

    Why would we back away from a thought and governing process that led us into one of the most prosperous periods in recent history, directly after one of the highest periods of national embarrassment, both economically and in foreign policy?
    First of all, most people realize that "because Reagan did it" is not in and of itself a legitimate reason to put specific policies in place. However, "because it works" is a significantly better reason. Lower taxes brings business here, while higher taxes runs business away. It's not coincidental that the economy spirals downward once taxes go up. A strong military force prevents violence toward a country. It's not a coincidence that as our military gets weaker, our enemies become more prevalent.
    He was not the Savior, he was not infallible, but he had policies that, when enacted, worked. The problem is that they haven't been enacted since. Bush wasn't a conservative in any manner save the military stance. He started this spending snowball. So the argument that we have tried conservatism since Reagan and have seen its failures, is invalid. We have not tried it. The direction we are headed now is the same as Europe, which as with Greece, Spain and other nations being in their situations now. Republicans, the few that have actually stuck with conservatism, are working to reverse the current course following Greece.

  • No, They Do Not

    As years have gone by since President Reagan left office and ultimately passed away, the idea of Reaganism has somehow because a dirty word in many circles. The fact of the matter is that Reagan was a great leader for the United States of America, and there is nothing wrong with continuing to follow the path that he set out.

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