• They can fire for no reason.

    I live in a right-to-work state and it does not help the middle class if a company can fire whoever they want to for no reason at all. This helps no one. I have gone from a state where companies were mandated to give each employee a minimum of 12 hours a week, to a state where I was fired simply because they did not put me on a schedule for several weeks and was let go due to "lack of hours". This just creates a larger lower class.

  • It hasn't harmed them before

    Right-to-work laws have been around for a long time. If it hasn't showed that it harmed the middle class before, than why worry now and try to get rid of them? Unions can be great, but you also have to pay them. My Husband was in a Union before, and I was shocked at how much money out of his pay check went to them. If anything, Right-to-work lets you save money!

  • Right-to-work laws are Harmless

    Right -to-work laws do not hurt the middle class. All it does is provide opportunities for those who did not have the ability to work. It is the responsibility of each person find work and provide for themselves. What the next person doe should have little, if any effect at all on what the next person does when it comes to finding work.

  • Let the market work

    If I ran a business, I would hire the cheapest qualified labor I could find. With cheaper labor I could employ more people, and support the livelihood of more families. With increased productivity, I could deliver a cheaper product to the market - the middle class. Why wouldn't the market want lower unemployment and less expensive products?

  • Not at all

    Right to work laws do not harm the middle class. In fact they actually give option to those who choose not to be held within the restraints of a union to be a standalone worker to the company they choose. Unions are bloated organizations that attempt to try and maintain proper working ethic between the employee and their employer. This is typically not the case.

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