Do rock stars suffer the consequences for too much parting as they age?

  • Aged rock stars can't so it anymore

    Living the rock and roll life style full of partying, drugs, and other careless unhealthy pastimes can be tolerated by young able-bodied men, as they age however, it is harder and harder for them to stay in the groove of things. Their health just cannot take any more damage from their careless lifestyles.

  • Yes, rock stars suffer from parting.

    Yes, rock stars suffer the consequences for too much parting as they age. As is common in modern society, things are sure to change as time goes on. One of these things are the parting of rock stars. This parting, of course, has direct impacts on rock stars, who suffer financially and through popularity due to parting.

  • Yes, Sid Vicious was probably the worst rock star to ever deal with

    You cannot stop the aging process but, ciggarettes and booze will quicken it. Especially ciggarettes! The teeth and skin become stained with nicotine. Once a rock star reaches a certain level of success, he tends to take advantage of all the things suddenly available to him, particularly the liquor, drugs and ability to destroy inanimate objects. From the point of view of the fans, this is perfectly cool. We expect these guys to live the life of excess that we can't.

  • Rock stars pay the cost for living it up and partying hard as they age.

    The rock star life style is hard on the body if one only takes into account the whirlwind life spent largely traveling city to city, country to country, hounded by the paparazzi and a busy schedule topped off by rehearsals and concerts. When the rocker is indulging in an abundance of the sex, drugs, and alcohol that the rock and roll lifestyle is infamous for it is no surprise that so many end up in rehab, have a list of run in with the law, and struggle with sobriety.

  • Much higher standard of living negates effects of drugs and partying.

    They eat healthier, live healthier, and lead more stress-free lifestyles. Do the drugs and partying take a toll? Sure. Is it anywhere near as damaging as the monotonously miserable jobs, poor diet, and terribly bleak relationship prospects most men are faced with nowadays? Not a chance.

    Don't believe me? Look at George Lynch or any other rocker and compare their apparent health with the average person their age. Obesity and cancer are the #1 killers in the U.S. How many former rockers are fat or die from cancer?

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