• It's a problem of their own making.

    While I'm certain that Roma crime victims are treated the same way blacks are in the United States, I would also argue that unlike the blacks in the United States, the Roma have brought it on themselves. By choosing to live separately from civilized society for so long, they have created their own discrimination.

  • Roma crime victims face a judiciary bias.

    Often, victims of crimes who are Roma face biases in receiving justice. If a Roma is not an official citizen of a country, they do not have legal rights or protections there. Also, a lot of people have a racial bias against the Roma people. They might not always be treated fairly in the court of law.

  • Roma Face Judiciary Bias

    Unfortunately, the Roma people do face a judiciary bias when they claim to be the victims of crime. Europe is extremely racist toward the Roma as a whole, and the country still exhibits biases against these individuals in the criminal system. Even the victims aren't necessarily given the fairness they deserve.

  • Roma Crime Victims Face Bias

    When Roma people are the victims of crime, many European courts are biased against these individuals. Unfortunately, this leads to a heavy lack of justice for Roma crime victims compared to victims of other backgrounds. The European courts should be impartial rather than punishing people that fall into the Roma category.

  • Roma Discrimination Runs Deep All Over Europe

    Bias against the Roma people is all over Europe, from Great Britain to Romania and Hungary. Unfortunately, Europeans want the Roma to modernize. The Roma don't want to give up their traveling ways. The clash of two worlds is inevitable. Unfortunately, the Roma are people clinging to traditions that may be outdated. As such, people don't understand them which leads to fear and prejudice.

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