• Yes, probably so.

    The Roma culture is so different from western cultures in the way it makes decisions and seals them that without doubt its leaders are going to not seem worthy of trust to the mainstream leaders of Europe. They need to understand the differences so that they can have more clarity in their dealings.

  • It seems they do

    This roma situation has completely spiraled out of control, and as an outsider looking in, it is getting more and more difficult to understand. I cannot tell when direction things are going, or whether there will be inclusion. EU decision makers do seem wary of Roma leaders though, and that much is clear.

  • Yes, Roma leaders seem untrustworthy.

    Yes, I think that a lot of the Roma leaders seem to be untrustworthy to a lot of European decision makers. I think that to a lot of European decision makers, they think that the Roma leaders are just opportunistic individuals who are try to take advantage of a situation that deals with the Roma.

  • Yes, anything that does not follow the guideline is untrustworthy.

    In Europe, if you do not follow a certain standard, then you are no trustworthy. In a region like Europe, you would basically have to be nothing further nor less than Britain to be worthy of any trust. Or you would have to be Canada, but too bad Europe doesn't get Canada.

  • They are trying.

    No, Roma leaders do not seem untrustworthy to European decision makers, because they are not untrustworthy just because they might have different concerns and interests that the European leaders. The Roma leaders want to protect their interests, and they are trying to lead the people into a new life that is scary for them.

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