Do same-sex couples deserve equal protection under the law?

  • They are just as important as we are

    They are the same as us so they deserve the respect and honer we opposite sex couples do.They are just as important as us and just because they like the same sex does not mean they are wrong . My aunt is gay and she is living a perfect life. Its like she is married to a male but shes not.So people how think they are wrong they are bad people in heart.

  • Of course they do because sexuality does not determine equality.

    Yes, same-sex couples deserve equal protection under the law. A person's sexuality should not determine how they are treated as a citizen of the United States (or any country, for that matter). This is discrimination, pure and simple. All couples, same-sex and opposite-sex, should have the same rights under the law.

  • Same-sex couples deserve equal protection under the law because they are equal as people.

    Yes, I do believe that same sex couples deserve equal protection under the law. However, I don't think the government should have any role in marriage whatsoever. For the purpose of benefits, you should be able to designate whoever you want to be your beneficiary, and the market will evolve around that. If an individual would like to get married in the eyes of the church, then they could do so. Any marriage as far as the government is concerned should be strictly ceremonial. Everyone should be treated equal, married and unmarried alike.

  • same -se couples deserve equal protecton under the law.

    I don't see how the sexuality of people should render them any different from others. The law should never discriminate anyone, whether race, religion, sexuality or gender. We are all the same, and we should be protected the same. The constitution was made to make everyone equal in all ways!

  • Yes, same-sex couples deserve equal protection under the law

    Why must one discriminate between same sex or opposite sex couples? I believe the law is universal towards one's society and therefore any who are accountable under the law must be protected within it. A nation exists to protect its citizens, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. The country was founded on the principle of equality for all, regardless of whatever religious sanction. Therefore it is only appropriate that same-sex couples deserve protection every bit as much as opposite sex couples have.

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beforeu says2013-03-27T16:05:33.707
The time has come in the United States,for all kinds of discrimination's to come to an end.