Do same-sex couples make slightly worse parents than heterosexual parents?

Asked by: Dante1
  • Children need the influence of both sexes

    It takes a man and a woman to make a child. Common sense tells you that the man and woman were intended to raise the child. A young girl shouldnt have to go through puberty without a mother to go to for support and a young boy shouldnt have to go through puberty without a father. A young girl also shouldnt have to miss out on the feeling of safety you get when your dad tucks you into bed. We are not a sexless species. Men and women are not the same. Same sex parenting is just another way gender roles are being eliminated in an effort to escape reality.

  • Medical research strongly suggests that homosexual couples have no disadvantage in parenting a child over heterosexual couples.

    This isn't a matter of opinion anymore, just pure psychology.

    If you really want to make a motion against that, then you're going to be headbutting almost every federal institution of psychology and sociology to ever exist in this decade.

    Too bad. You lose. End of story. No more B.S.

  • No, Same-Sex Couples Make Good Parents

    Both same-sex and heterosexual couples have the capability to give their children their love and attention, to care for them physically and emotionally. People may worry about children with two fathers or two mothers in the same household as being more likely to be picked on or singled out, but children latch onto any difference to use against one another. They often simply need an excuse. It could just as easily be religion, race, nationality, or any of the myriad of ways people divide themselves.

  • No, same-sex parents do not make worse parents than heterosexual parents.

    In my opinion, same-sex parents probably make better parents than heterosexual parents. Why? They are under a constant microscope by society. They live under the scruitny of their neighbors and have to prove themselves as hardworking and loving people. It is harder for a same-sex couples to adopt a child and it seems it is easier for a heterosexual couple to have children.

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