• School absences should reflect lower test scores

    I have known so many people that missed more than 10 days of school on a 180 school day calendar and this brings me sadness. Many of these absences aren't mandatory and children as well as parents who allow this behavior should be questioned. Missing critical work and making it up isn't the same being there the first day that it was taught and the many questions that students asked to learn the new material will not be taught to students who missed that day resulting in lower score on tests.

  • Yes

    School absences will result in lower test scores because if the student is not there than they will not be able to get the information that will be on the test. It is way to hard for that student to get any type of consistency if they are gone from school all the time.

  • Without A Doubt

    Yes, school absences result in lower test scores. Schools and teachers nowadays do not go out of their way to make sure students who have been ill get caught up. It is entirely on the student to ferret out what he or she missed the best they can. Teachers have approved lesson plans that must be adhered to and cannot be deviated from, not even by a day to help students catch up. When test time comes, the student who had an absence is at a complete disadvantage and will probably end up missing any questions pertaining to work covered on the days they missed, resulting in lower scores.

  • Can catch up easily

    A student who misses a week of classes over a year is at no paramount disadvantage to those who turned up and were oblivious to the teachings and just behaved how they want. It's obvious that if the student misses a vast amount of lessons over the year then they will suffer, but if they have completed work at home or on holiday there is minuscule difference to the recalling if the information, except the context that it was learned in. In conclusion a two weeks absence with some work completed would have little impact on the grades achieved in a test.

  • What if they are really smart enough?

    So what if their absent? They can always catch up or get the homework that the other students had had. If they were sick then it would be unfair because they had no choice. Because if they do go to school when they are sick, either the teacher would make them go to the office to call their parents and go home. It would be really unfair.

  • No, the occasional absence will not result in lower test scores.

    An occasional absence for illness or family business will not result in lower test scores. Chronic absences may, however. A child who misses a day here or there should be able to catch up with just a little extra effort from the student, parents and teachers, and there should be no large drop in scoring.

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