• Yes, they do.

    I would like to think that the school anti-bully programs do in fact work. I am sure that no matter how hard we try and work there will always be bullies because some people just do not get it, but it is important to stop the ones we can. I think it works as effectively as possible for now.

  • Anti-bulllying programs can victims and the bullies

    In a anti-bullying program ,people can help victims of bullying and help dealing with it. It can also help the bullies and deal with problems they have ,whether is their emotions or they have family troubles. Anti-bullying programs can help students on whats happening to them ,and why bullies are bullying.

  • No effect! At all

    BULLSHOOT! TEACHERS THINK ANTI BULLY PROGRAMMS WORK!? NOPE! Theyv will bully anyways f f ff f sd g dfh df h gfh g gg h g g gf dfh h ghrr h h gng g df h fg h h h h h hh h h h h hh h

  • Kids will be bullied no matter what

    Kids are kids they will do what they want to do so um the anti Bullying programs do not work at all kid will do what they want to do some kids are meaner than others that's just life I think the anti bullying programs are stupid OK to be honest

  • They don't affect bullies the way they are supposed to.

    By the age where bullying turns into a major school problem, children are old enough to have at least a basic grasp of morality. The thing is, the bullies DON'T CARE that what they are doing is wrong. They want the satisfaction. The majority of bullies won't see an anti-bullying campaign and think "Yaaah ok I'll stop!" The majority won't give a damn. We need to teach kids how to deal with bullies instead of actually trying (and failing miserably) to stop bullying.

  • There are too many.

    My school seems to have some anti-bullying presentation every other month. As a result, none of the students take them seriously anymore. The presentations are just annoying, and because we have them so often, it downplays the severity of bullying in the student body's eyes. One or two well executed assemblies a year would be much more effective than the current landslide of "bullying awareness days".

  • No they don't

    Every monday in sixth hour my school takes thirty minutes to talk about positive things and anti-bullying. I am completely honest when I say they make me want to bully someone. And as a repeat subject of harassment I can say first hand, no. Nope. Dream on. I think we just need to ignore what people say to us. I've been "bullied" for almost three years, that's been my motto.

  • The Teachers Become Bullies in the Process

    I was in fifth grade, a special needs child had reported another child had verbally bullied him by saying the word "Elmo" multiple time. In responce to the bullying the teachers and principal seperated my class into boys and girls, I went with the boys group. The educators sat us down and yelled at the group, the threatened us with suspension and other such punishments to whoever the bully was, the yelled at us, and the thing was none of us were the bully. It was explained to me that one of the girls was responcible for the bullying. However that group was playing board games while we were being interrogated. My point is the teachers cannot relly on the children to turn eachother in, and the teachers can never seem to do more than warn people not to bully and the consiquences they with bring upon the individual who bullies. In the end its a toss up between a system when you get bullied and the school punishes innocents, or being bullied.

  • No, school anti-bullying programs do not work.

    Most school anti-bullying programs fail because they are not executed well. We still see a large amount of bullying happening in schools with anti bullying programs. The main issue is that children, and people in general can be cruel. they will bully others when someone else is not looking. We need to stop the bullying by being kinder and more supportive to others.

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