• More or less, yes

    Personally, I believe that grades achieved in school should not be a measure of one's intelligence, but rather their overall work ethic. There have been many cases where a student is a bright young man/woman, but they are regarded as being less intelligent than others simply because they do not feel like doing work and thus, their grades drop. School grades DO play an important role however. For colleges, it tells them who will be their to work and get a degree so that they can go and get their careers, and it also gives employers a chance to evaluate who has a good work ethic and who doesn't. So for the grand scheme of things, grades are of most importance.

  • They do matter to an extent.

    Grades do have a purpose; some employers choose which employees to hire via their grades in school and they also control job opportunities as well. This doesn't mean that people need to beat themselves up if they get a bad grade, because failure can be inevitable sometimes (we are human and we do make mistakes).

  • Everyone dreams big.

    Actually everything matters in the world so's the school grades too but in excess. Success needs creativity and creativity comes from thinking and what broadens up thinking is school times study when one has the greatest capacity to learn highlighted by GRADES. Grades are the colonel of life who forces you to learn more 'cause everyone wants to be superior, not only in grades but also in minds capacity and developing talent. They matters in purifying ones personality. THINK, THINK, THINK. DREAM, DREAM, DREAM. AND THEN PUT YOUR THOUGHTS INTO ACTION,ACTION,ACTION. So we need something to think, let it better be grades. Well something is better than noting.

  • Grades once did matter, but they have lost their value.

    Especially with grade inflation on the rise, grades are no longer an accurate indicator of one's academic prowess or wit. High Schools do the latter to give students a boost in today's increasingly competitive world, but even if they rule out grade inflation, they should also realize that just having good grades is no longer enough. Especially if you plan on going to college in the US, colleges will want well-rounded students - students that not only have a good academic reputation, but also have an out-of-school life.

  • No ni no!

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