• Neat, affordable, and more focused on learning.

    Wearing uniforms will make students looks organized and neat. Also the uniforms usually are specially designed for students, it looks suitable and appropriate to their ages.
    Wearing uniforms also reduces the pressure that students often have, worrying about what to wear for today, how their peers look at them. In fact, some students from wealthy family will buy the priciest brand and famous designed clothes; some others from poor family will feel stressful for what to put on each day. At the same time, their attention will be away from learning or well development because of that.
    Wearing uniforms will help students focus more on personalities and characteristics, but not on what your wear.
    Students need to learn express themselves, and it is better to start from building up their life value, then they will know what to put on to express themselves when it is the right time.

  • Neat and Affordable

    Not only do uniforms improve the overall neat and organized look for the school and the students, they are also very affordable. Many students who cannot afford to buy many different clothing would ultimately benefit from having a uniform dress code. Let's face it, students now-a-days aren't very nice with their words, if you aren't wearing what everyone else, you're going to get talked about. So, put them all in the same thing!

  • Uniforms are necessary

    With uniforms, focus is never on peoples' clothes. People can instead focus on learning. Even in social time, uniforms let you focus on meeting the person, instead of judging their clothes. Everyone looks more organized in a uniform, and so it can be beneficial to kids with ADHD, because they won't be looking around at everyone's clothes. Uniforms improve schools greatly, and should be used.

  • Yes they do

    Without uniforms we aren't people GOD tells us how to live and to cover ourselves up is the best thing, every woman who doesn't cover their skins are sllutty girls and should not be aloud in the school, I"m a proud muslims and uniforms are the only thing stopping STI's infecting everyone because the sun has been proven by Mohammad to sexually arouse women and make them sexually active.

  • Everyone looks neater, and acts the part too.

    I have attended both public and private schools, the public one that didn't require a uniform and a private one that did. I didn't know how to tie and tie before I was forced to wear a suited uniform everyday. I didn't know the difference between Oxford and Cobra style shoes. I didn't know how to polish, iron and know how to dress for any occasion. Uniforms did a lot of good for me in High School, and generally taught me that the way your dress says a lot about your character. The biggest complaint against uniforms is that they are "annoying" to put on, but knowing how to dress properly when the time comes will well worth it.

  • Kids need to let their inner self shine and basically the outfit talks for you

    The First Amendment has been extended from political speeches to nonverbal acts of communication. Nonverbal communication would include dress and appearance since they can tell what a person is like. Wouldn't it be a violation of the First Amendment to force upon school uniforms? Taking away a form of communication, Or limiting it?

  • Not really no

    All it does is let the staff know that you belong in the school and not some random! It doesn't make the student work harder, nor make them more enthusiastic about doing there work! The staff want you to were it to project the school model, and make students look better and more organised, but it's a magical power suit over-clocking the brain

  • Not the best idea.

    Schools are were majority of kids spend half of their day, sometimes from 7am to 2pm, and with that, this is were students find themselves. Getting to know who they are, and you may not think it but clothes are a big part of them finding out who they are. So when you make them wear school uniforms its like ripping the creativity from them. You only get to go to elementary once and middle school once, so they should be able to enjoy their time there and uniforms aren't fun.

  • It just looks better.

    I went to a middle school where we didn't have to wear uniforms for my 6 and 7th grade years and it was a B school. Not a great school but a good school. My 8th grade year, the school decided to have a uniform policy. From there it was all down hill. I come back 3 years later and find out my school is now a D school. Uniforms aren't the solution.

  • Everyone looks a little neater, but...

    I have heard claims that uniforms improve grades, behavior, and overall moral. It has eliminated some of the outlandish clothing some students were wearing, but not much else. Uniforms do nothing for students who aren't mentally stable enough to be there. Some early elementary students aren't mature enough to be at school all day, or at all. It is the same students with the same behaviors, same awful grades, wearing a uniform.

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