Do school uniforms help prevent the formation of gangs?

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  • People in gangs don't care

    It is 2014 gangs are getting worse by the minute. Changing what they wear isn't going to change any thing, and what most adults in the school system don't know is that a lot of these school colors are in fact gang colors.! People in gangs don't care if they did they wouldn't be in the gang in the first place.

  • School uniforms do not prevent gang formation.

    I do not believe that school uniforms prevent gang formation. I feel that those who want to join a gang are going to do so regardless of what uniform they have on. I personally do not see what one has to do with another. There are students who go to schools that require uniforms, however they may still have some affiliation with a gang.

  • It makes it worse

    Okay, so people thought of the amazing idea of saying school uniforms stop gangs. They did a pretty good job. The only thing they left out of the equation is this, THEY MADE THE PROBLEM WORSE!!!! For instance, in a school there is a strict white shirt and black pants policy. A guy says this stops gangs. Then about an hour later, a gang is formed. Then another is formed. This starts a rivalry. The uniforms help the gang members blend in with a neutral crowd. Now, you can't tell which gang is which. And you also can't tell if someone is in a gang because they just made it look like you're an idiot. I go to school and my school has a uniform policy. Gangs are still forming like nothing in my school. In fact, the gang members in my school have clothes underneath their uniform. They can easily change into their gang uniform like in a snap. And people have forgotten that gangs have gang SIGNS as in with their hands. I'm done. This is just so infuriating.

  • Gangs are formed because of poverty

    Gangs have nothing to do with clothing, as "gangs" are a form of criminal activity that form due to poverty and exclusion, as evidenced by where "gangs" form and what their activities are. This would be like asking if uniforms would stop drug dealing. What a ridiculous notion, why is it being peddled?

  • Look around in our society

    In society nothing stops illegal actions. If a gang wanted to be seen in a system were everyone is the same then it will find a way. Legal or not a little school rules wont stop a group set on breaking LAWS. I've seen it first hand a dress code would only help those involved be more secret in their transactions.

  • No dress restriction will limit a gan.

    Gangs associate in many different ways. Clothing is just one of those. Tattoos, symbols, signs, words, or many other things bring the gang together. Besides this, gang activity is based on just that, "activities", not clothing. A kid in a uniform can do just as much harm as a kid wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt with offensive slogans.

  • It does the OPPOSITE!

    Just because of a little conformity doesn't mean that people aren't going to look for ways to rebel. As a matter of fact, it is almost easier to do so. Say you have all the people as a group, "x", and then you have one person who decides to do something that makes him different, thus making him person "y". When people see this, they can either: 1. stay "x", 2. become "y", or 3. become their own group - "z". Being similar only makes it easier to stand out by doing the smallest of things.

  • NO

    Even though students can not wear certain colors or have symbols on their shirts does not help because students can still throw up gang signs and have tattoos to show the gang they are part of. Also when a student is in a gang it is not a secret, everybody usually knows or has an idea from things they may see or hear outside of school.

  • How well does it work in prisons?

    While there is a tempting argument that uniforms will prevent the formation of gangs because there is no way to show one's "gang colors," there are plenty of other ways to show affiliation in a gang, and, in a close knit social group like a school, people will know who belongs to what group anyway. This is how it works in prison, and they have uniforms.

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