• Attendance rates at uniform schools

    Mean attendance rates at uniform required schools increased an average of 3. 5 percent in four schools and had declined in two. A national study published in 1998 on 10th graders that were required to wear uniforms found no significant effect on drug use, Behavior or attendance. Wedt dtrgyuh fgyuh uygi

  • Yes They Do

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  • Yes, they do.

    School uniforms can save time when you're picking your outfit for school. You do not have to spend an hour just looking or deciding for a good outfit to wear so people will be amazed. You just throw on the same thing that others in your school are wearing. I am for them.

  • Cause they just do

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  • Yes they do

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  • They help In the morning

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  • FUCK School uniforms

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  • FUCK School uniforms

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  • FUCK School uniforms

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  • FUCK School uniforms

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  • Cant express yourself

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  • They do not work

    I have read a few articles and they said that though the attendance goes up at first the kids adjust. Later everything goes back to normal grade, attendance, and bullying. So they it is like something in the wind it may slow it down but in the end it will fall.

  • No they don't

    Well i do agree that uniforms may help with bullying. The school should deal with that not make the kids change and run away from there problems. I do not agree with it helping with attendance though. People may take twenty minutes to get dressed but uniforms wouldn't be any different.

  • Uniforms don't help attendence

    Uniforms do a lot of good when it comes to social problems with other students as well as helping to correct unprofessional behavior. However, I have never heard that uniforms can help or hurt student attendance. It must make it easier to pick what to wear and have clean clothes so there is that.

  • Uncomfortable kids don't want to go to school.

    Making students uncomfortable and awkward looking does not make them want to come to school. If any thing it makes kids want to stay home because of how they feel in the pathetic uniforms. Do you think kids are going to want to wake up at 5am and put on khakis and a button up?

  • It doesn't help attendance!

    It's just like any other day with clothes and it has nothing to do with the attendance of being at school and how would it affect attendance? Kids don't take as long to pick out clothes and if they are absent I'm sure it's not for picking out their clothes!

  • It doesn't help at all

    During my time at my Secondary School (Annan Academy) we used to have a slightly lenient uniform system, ranging from Jumper+Polo shirt+Trousers to Shirt+Tie, it worked for a time but students still hated it.

    Soon after a survey was handed out for both parents and students, and if what my peers and my parents said, they put down that they wanted uniform to change, my opinion being it should be removed entirely.

    The school then put out an announcement that all students must wear only black or white shirts with a tie, logo-less bags, black trousers and black shoes. They brought in this change 1 week before the Summer Holidays, after selling the new First year pupils parents the old uniform. They explained that "Many parents complained that the Uniform wasn't strict enough" and "Needed to be cleared up"

    Nearly a year on and pupils who need to be in class studying for exams are being pulled out for having too much white on there shoes or having a brand name on their bag, it's ridiculous! Even if it's the last class of the day and it's P.E. You can't leave the school without changing back into full uniform.

    Luckily, our last of before the Easter holiday was a non-uniform day and I noticed something. People who were usually pulling on your tie so it became impossible to remove or those who were class clowns were calmer, they focused more than usual. Overall people seemed happier and more relaxed in the classroom and during break and lunch.

    There was a much better atmosphere in the school that day and I put the same complaints (and more) into the survey they handed out, though my parents threw it away since they don't want to waste time on something the school will ignore anyway.

    I do agree that some people might be bullied for wearing certain clothes, but in every non-uniform day we've had I've never seen anyone get bullied. Even if it happens it's the school's job to punish the bullies, not punish everyone by denying the opportunity to express ourselves through clothing, they already stop that by having very little in the way of pupil input into the system.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • School Uniforms Create a Herd

    Attendance is based upon attitude, not school uniforms. When a kid is sick, it doesn't matter what clothes need to be worn to school, that person is staying home. Uniforms may improve school pride, improve morale, and decrease violence. However, uniforms don't necessarily improve attendance. Showing up at school is a matter of choice even when a uniform is required.

  • No they do not.

    Forcing children to wear a uniform does not improve attendance in school. If a child does not want to go to class or school as a whole, making his wear a uniform is not going to suddenly make him change his decision. They will continue to skip out on classes and do as they please.

  • No, It does not

    School uniforms are just another way for a student to hide who he/she is. It does not support what a student should feel. In a way, it is taking away students right. Who is the school to say that a student would be more adequate or have more of a chance to succeed if he/she is to wear a uniform? I believe a student should be able to sat what they want with the way the dress

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