• Yes, school uniforms help grades.

    93% of students get smarter when wearing uniforms. It is a true fact students' grades go up by 34% and there is also less bullying going on in our schools. This is a great thing to do to raise expectations in our children's educations. If we have better educations in the we will have less bad choices.

  • A uniform means less attention on the outfit and more on school.

    With uniforms, everyone is more concentrated on schoolwork instead of their outfits. Besides, there would be no bullying and no arguments or discrimination against the students. People would make less fun of each other and would be more equal in one another's eyes. People wouldn't have social cliques at all, but hang with every one.

  • YES!

    Studies show it helps improve grades. Though it may seem completely illogical to think that what a student wears can have an effect on their grades, numerous studies have proven this to be true. Take for example the fact that many boys and girls try to stay in fashion and wear what's hip or cool, based on what their peers are wearing. This can be hugely distracting to students. Studies have also shown the private schools, which usually require uniforms, have consistently higher grades among their students.

  • Yes it does

    It improves grades because there is no bulling in cause of fasion so it lets people be more focused on there work instead of what they look like. There is also so much time wasted on what to wear in the mornings or before bed or whenever you pick out what you are going to wear.

  • Yes, school uniforms do improve students' grades.

    Yes, I believe school uniforms do improve students' grades. Though it may seem completely illogical to think that what a student wears can have an effect on their grades, numerous studies have proven this to be true. Take for example the fact that many boys and girls try to stay in fashion and wear what's hip or cool, based on what their peers are wearing. This can be hugely distracting to students. Studies have also shown the private schools, which usually require uniforms, have consistently higher grades among their students.

  • Yes, because it makes students not focused on other people.

    Yes because bullies don't want to focus on the little kids any more than they have because it just makes them think that they're stupid enough to do that again they will think and they will say who am I, what have I done to this person, and how will this affect me and my life?

  • Yes, I believe that smarter minds are smartly dressed!

    Public schools have been experimenting with uniforms since 1996, and the results have proven that kids who care more about their appearance don't do as well in their academics as those who focus only on their work. If we really want our kids to do better in school, then we can start by taking out some of the things that distract them such as fashion.

  • Uniforms totally help everyone out in the end.

    Yes, uniforms may be very expensive, I admit. However in the long run it totally helps families out a ton. Parents won't be harassed into buying expensive designers' clothes, like Uggs or trainers, so they save lots, and I mean lots, of money. Think of all the clothes you beg your mom to buy. Also uniforms save a lot of time and stress in the mornings because kids won't be worrying about what to wear. Uniforms also help your parents out a ton, because now they have less washing. I actually don't have a uniform, but I can totally see all the benefits. Oh, and one last thing, the board of education won't have to deal with enforcing a dress code. Remember uniforms may suck to you, but if you look at the big picture it improves a ton of things, and yes, I mean tons!

  • Yes, they do by giving them uniforms helps stress, anger, and tardiness.

    Yes because they would not be worrying about what they're wearing and focusing on their academics. Apart from that, they don't have to take as long getting dressed because they have school uniforms and they would get to school on time. Also, it makes them less stressed so they can focus.

  • Yes, uniforms help students pay attention more.

    There is even scientific proof that uniforms improve schools and grades. Instead of paying attention to your friends to see if you are dressed better or worse, you know you have to wear the same thing every day and concentrate more on your work! So yes, uniforms help schools in my opinion.

  • No, I don't believe so.

    No I don't see how wearing the same clothes as everybody else can have a direct affect on grades, it only prohibits a child from self expression. Sure, it takes a while to pick a cute outfit for school but how does a cute outfit distract you from doing work or homework?

  • Yes, because they have fewer distractions.

    In the morning, a student usually spends 5-10 minutes picking out their clothes. If they were to have uniforms they wouldn't need to worry about what they were going to wear, which means more time for them getting their schoolwork ready to go. This includes, but is not limited to, homework, textbooks, and notebooks.

  • No.

    Yes, yes, yes is what I've read, but by how much? Not one site have I found out of the fifty that I've searched that have actually posted an increase by a certain amount. A study in 2005 shows that there were more graduations and an increase in attendance, but no improvements were observed in academic performance.

  • No

    Uniform use in public schools is rising, but we know little about how they affect students. Using a unique dataset from a large urban school district in the southwest United States, we assess how uniforms affect behavior, achievement and other outcomes. Each school in the district determines adoption independently, providing variation over schools and time. By including student and school fixed-effects we find evidence that uniform adoption improves attendance in secondary grades, while in elementary schools they generate large increases in teacher retention.

  • No school uniforms do not improve grades.

    The have nothing to do with cognitive abilities. They do not make someone smarter. School uniforms have nothing to do with improving curricular abilities. It is shown that when children are forced to wear uniforms the don't want to and focus on not wanting to wear them instead of on school work.

  • School uniforms are not good for grades.

    The reason a large portion of public schools are adopting school uniforms is to prevent gang activity at school. According to the study 'Dressed for Success? The Effect of School Uniforms on Student Achievement and Behavior' school uniforms can have a small positive impact on attendance while having no noticeable affect on grades. Since school uniforms have no affect on grades and only a minimal affect on attendance I feel it is best to give students the freedom to express themselves and wear what they want to school. As long as their attire is within the schools dress code students should be allowed to show their style and individuality. Children not only learn from teachers but from other students and their interactions with them. Many of the problems people say school uniforms can fix(which they do not), such as class difference and social diversity, provide valuable social learning experiences for children.

  • Uniforms are a silent killer!

    Uniforms have nothing to do with learning. If a student can come into class and learn with a uniform on, then they can do the same with regular clothing. Uniforms do
    not help bullying either. Some people may not have money for uniforms and will have to wear the same thing everyday. Why would people spend more money on uniforms when they could wear what they already have in their closet? Uniforms can really hurt your wallet, not just because you have to buy it, but you spend more money on washing powder because you have to wash clothes more often.

  • Of course not

    Uniforms should be banned. They are a ridiculous part of many school communities. Why are we so obsessed with blending in with the rest of our peers? Not having our own sense of creativity, being so uncomfortable that we cant focus on our set work.

  • No they don't

    School uniforms affect the learning environment of a student. A student does not simply look forward to wearing the same clothes every single day. Many students would like to wear whatever they would like during school. A dress code would be a better choice for a school so the students can have a say-so on what they want to wear while they learn.

  • Uniforms won't stop bullying or improve grades

    Grades are not improved by wearing a uniform, it comes from motivation and hard work! Just because everyone is wearing the same outfit, doesn’t mean cliques will not form and bullying will be completely abolished. These things root from deeper concepts than that. Cliques form based off of what students are interested in, video games, sports, or books. People like to be around others who share their interests. It is hard to hold a conversation with a person who is not interested in the same things. Without common ground to build from, a friendship won’t form. Students who can sit with each other and talk for hours about books they like and recommendations for each other or play video games or sports together will most likely become close friends. This is also referred to as a clique. Bullying is the same way. Although there are students out there that get made fun of for what they wear, there are also students made fun of for their religion or culture, their looks, or the things that they enjoy. Video games and books carry the labels nerd and geek. If a student is smart he may be made fun of and put down by the self-conscious sports jock. But, this can also be turned around, where the bully is the smart geek putting down the sport jock for his lack of intelligence. These stereotypes are born from bullying and bullying will not be stopped by making students wear a uniform.

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