Do school uniforms make institutions a more effective place to learn?

  • School uniform should be compulsory

    Yes, because it can help with their education because bullying will stop because the students won't get bullied or judged on what they're wearing. If students are bullied about their look it could lead to sadness which could lead to depression which could lead to lack in concentration which could then lead to bad marks or bad education.

  • Never should school uniforms be allowed

    Maryland and Washington DC were the first states to implement uniforms in public schools. A school uniform policy is a not a good idea, because they aren't comfortable. They are hard to play in and it’s better when students wear their own clothes, they can express themselves. “I don't want to be forced to wear a school uniform.” - Rachel Brummond. Students like clothes shopping before school starts , but if teachers make them wear a school uniform then they can't go clothes shopping. A school uniform policy is not a good idea.

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