Do school uniforms make school a more effective place to learn?

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  • Why uniforms are better.

    1. School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes
    - If students wear ordinary clothes, they set more importance on fashion

    2. Wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity, and community spirit
    - Easy to recognize what schools students are from
    - Everyone wears the same clothes so they feel like they are one

    3. School uniforms are neat and tidy.

    That's all I have to say.

  • Concentrating on your studies

    In the mornings or even the evening/night before preparing for and getting ready for school deciding your wardrobe and what you will wear takes up alot of time, valuable time which should be used for doing your school and concentrating on your studies. Instead of thinking and worrying what may be thought of you because of your clothing.

  • Learn in wise

    I think it just not about for dress it just about for the things we learn when all the student learn without any hassitation so the environment is good to learn and explore and the criteria of exploring the facts is being good i support that because it must to everyone

  • It maintains equality

    It is very essential for us to wear the school uniform because the first it maintains equality. Another that if students started wearing colorful clothes then they can also wear inappropriate clothes for a educational institution like school. It also keeps the students on focus of their studies. So i support that school uniform is needed in the schools.

  • School doesn't affect on school performance

    I am 100 percent sure ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. It can't affect
    School is a place for learning not for judging people of their clothes. It is not a stereotype. It is my point of view about that school uniform is learn for place. You can think about it.

  • School uniforms are good

    In my opinion to all those people who say school uniforms are uncomfortable you just have to adjust with it. Uniforms make everyone look same.There might be teasing or people will be made fun of for wearing inattractive clothes and personality can be reflected not through our outer appearance but through our talents and values

  • Show the standards of schools

    Uniforms are better because the people do not worry about their shoes all day and they also will not get dress coded. Uniforms shows the school orgnization and makes the students in their school makes them look better and ready to do their work. And it also makes the community and places around them look good

  • Education not clothes

    Students spend more time on education rather then their clothes. If students are wearing something that is fringed at the bottom they might be playing with it during class. Or if they have on jeans they might make a rip in it to โ€œbe trendyโ€ same with legging. I know when I was wearing my nice shirt to school one day I was foscusing on how to make it look better during a test that I did know we were taking and I flunked it. So if there is a uniform I believe that want happen.

  • Schools are safer

    There was a shooting at a no uniform school before-- Corning Union Elementary, and freedom of expression and speech are usually "abused" with freedom to wear anything students want. There was a supreme court case when a Vermont student wore an anti-Bush t-shirt with drugs around it. The school didn't ban him from the anti-Bush part, but the drugs. The supreme court ruled that Bush did drugs so he got free.

  • They Prevent financial discrimination.

    According to my point of view , school uniform helps the student focus more on studies rather than focusing on his outer appearance. It makes the students coming from different classes, castes, religion equal. It acts a symbol of equality. These are the reasons by which school uniforms do help the students in learning. That's all
    Thank You. Hope you like my content.

  • Kids should have a choice to decide weather or not to wear uniforms!

    Wearing uniforms can make kids not have a expression for themselves maybe they don't want to be the same as everyone else. Being different is okay there is nothing wrong with being different. Being the same as everyone is boring. It is wrong to express who you are NO! My mother always told me always be yourself! Thank you ( Maddie Belton)

  • School uniforms do not make school a more effective learning envirornment

    School uniforms can be uncomfortable, Itchy, To small, To large. . . . They are not good in general. Wearing your own clothes can be much more comfortable and if you believe in being different and unique, School uniform does not help that in any way shape or form. Having a uniform costs more money because you need clothes for the weekend and holidays. . . . I arrest my case

  • Effectiveness of School Uniforms

    School uniforms aren't something that should be recommended, Just because students aren't there to support the school unless they want to. Students are there to learn, So they should be able to dress how they would like, If that means sweats and a t-shirt then okay. You should let kids/teenagers dress how they would like, Let them express themselves. School Uniforms does not help how they learn and improve the students grades. School uniforms are stressful for the parents and the kids, The parents have to go out and buy the uniforms instead of just letting their kid wear what they already have in their closets. Students have to make sure they're dressed correctly or some schools will punish you. Take that in mind when you say uniforms are helping the school and being effective.

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  • Why wear it if it doesn't help?

    As a current student it is safe to say that uniforms are not comfortable, at my school we are required to wear ties. Does anyone see that students and teenagers in general are more stressed and depressed for ever? Just imagine a depressed teenager, over with the modern struggles, they're in the school bathroom, and all they have to do to end it all is be in the correct uniform. Would you out your child's life at risk to assist the school in looking respectable and noble?

  • The Title of my Argument!

    Students may feel more comfortable in their own clothes. At some schools students are required to wear skirts/shorts in summer and pants in winter. This may cause students to overheat in the winter and freeze in the summer. Lots of schools are picky on what type of jeans, pants, shorts and skirts students wear.

  • For hygiene reasons

    Teenager are recommended to change clothes at least every two days. It is inconvenient to wash clothes at times other then the weekend, and five days in the same clothes is going to put you off learning. How are you meant to concentrate if your sitting beside someone who smells badly. Even if you did have spares of the uniform it costs a crazy amount of money

  • Horrible to wear

    It makes the school spend way to much money than necessary to make kids wear clothes that will have no effect on their learning or there state of opinion on clothing. It will not make kids more modest about there clothes because out of school most kids will wear regular clothes

  • School uniforms aren't good

    If anyone thinks that it takes up lots of time and effort to choose what to wear each day if they don't have uniforms, how much time do they spend each weekend or during the holidays picking out what to wear? Also, school uniforms cost a lot of money and they're uncomfortable.

  • School Uniforms Don't Affect School performance.

    Clothes are clothes. There is no reason that the idea of everyone having the same clothes on would make the school a better place to learn. Why should it? It completely demolishes the idea of freedom of what to look like and what to wear. So no, it wouldn't affect anything.

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