• Yes, They take away the freedom of expression.

    They take away the right of free expression. Teachers are always talking about the "real world" well in the real world they are more than likely talking about jobs and yes some jobs do have uniforms but most don't. When you go out to restaurants or anywhere in general i don't see anyone in a uniform just to go out on there day to day lives. Article 19 of the Bill of right freedom of expression states "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, Receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers. "

  • Uniforms are too expensive

    When we didn't have uniforms parents were okay with it but now we have uniforms parents are complaining about how they're so expensive and how they hate how they all don't have any sizes or they grow out of them too soon and how kids are getting in trouble for being in uniform but there too small.

  • Objectively, yes they do, regardless of whether uniforms are good or not, and people should stop redefining words to make their own positions sound nicer

    If uniforms are imposed then that's one less right (the right to dress how you want) that students have. But you can say the same thing about any restriction, good or bad. I'm not saying I'm for or against student uniforms, but those in the "no" column who also advocate student uniforms should think about what the word "rights" means.

    People should stop redefining words to make their own position sound nicer. Instead of redefining "rights" so you can claim not to be taking any rights away, argue why dressing the way you want in school is not a right you should have.

  • Uniforms take away rights?

    Uniforms take away rights of students because they are not able to wear what they want to wear it also takes away their right to learn cause it is tight so it distracts.Students are not able to express their feelings towards uniforms.That is why school uniforms should not be mandatory.

  • Of corse they do.

    Clothing choices are a form of freedom and schools take that away. Pulse they also make it so that you cant have as many friends. How many times in your life have you had a kid say oh I like your shirt and became friends with them? Thank you very much.

  • School uniforms take away students rights

    If you wear what they force you to wear where's the fun in that for you. It doesn't allow you to wear what you like. Kids like to wear young stuff like their fav band or a catch phrase if schools take that right away you won't get to express yourself.

  • Yes if mandatory they do

    School uniforms do take away a student's right to choose what they wear. Whether the student really needs to have this right is the bigger debate. I think school uniforms should be an option for students that way they can choose to wear them or choose to wear something else.

  • School Uniforms Do Not Impede On Student Rights

    No, school uniforms do not take away students' rights as students have no right to self expression within the school environment. Schools are a place of learning, and school uniforms ensure that a student does not take up a distracting form of self expression through dressing in an unruly and unsightly manner.

  • School uniforms have actual benefits

    School uniforms are usually hated by the students. They feel as though they have a right to be able to choose the way they appear. However, school uniforms do have real benefits depending on what the school's goals are. In an effort to reduce trashy dressing and preserve the standard of appearance at the school, uniforms are a good way to go.

  • OMG!! Uniforms take away your right to dress like a ho or gangster!

    A lot of places of employment have a dress code, whether you're restricted to wearing a uniform or abide by a standard dress code (khaki pants or dress pants, collared or buttoned shirt, neck tie, appropriate shoes, etc.) When you're away from your job, or school, you wear what you want.

  • They most certainly do not.

    School uniforms statistically increase a school's overall student performance. When you are more concerned with what John and Jane are wearing than what the teacher is saying about the Law of Sillogism, then you obviously aren't learning as effectively as you could be. Although, i'm not very concerned with fashion, and girls tend to flip out when they don't "Look cute"

  • School uniforms do not take away student's rights

    School uniforms do not take away from student's rights. This is because of the fact that the schools are their own institution. Members of these institutions can be subject to any rule regarding dress code that the institution has. School uniforms are no different from company dress codes and uniforms.

  • You don't have the right to say no to uniforms.

    There is no place in the Constitution where it outlines that children have the right to dress in the latest fashions at the expense of their parents. Uniforms keep the focus on learning. There's nothing about wearing a school uniform that could be remotely considered as taking away the rights of a student.

  • No, uniforms don't take away any rights from students.

    Students who wear uniforms may feel like they're losing their ability to express themselves, especially today in a generation where kids really like to decorate their clothing and create their own styles. However, kids are free to dress how they want at home, and also over the summer. The few days that they're at school and needing to wear a uniform will also equip them for their future jobs, when they will be expected to dress in a certain way. Overall, it can also be beneficial for helping kids feel like they fit in and are part of a cohesive group.

  • School uniforms do not take away students' rights.

    As minors, students do not have the full set of civil rights as adults. It is necessary that students wear a uniform in order to keep a sense of order on campus. It is not a violation of their rights becaue they do not have any rights, at all. They are in the care of their parents and teachers.

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