• Yes, There might be something illegal

    I think that the schools should check student's lockers on a daily basis just to make sure that there is nothing illegal inside which is against the school rules. If you were to get caught, Then you would get in really big trouble by the school principle and that is not good.

  • Schools are special situations

    Schools are gray areas in terms of individual rights and privileges. Schools deal almost exclusively with minors who don't have the same rights, generally, as full adults, and school property is technically either owned by the state or privately. Lockers are a gray moral situation, but searches are largely legally permissible.

  • No no no

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  • No, Privacy is Important and School Locker Checks Erode this Value

    The right to privacy has always been important to the US, and is written in the Bill of Rights. School locker checks not only violate the right to privacy by invading the student's only private space, they start early on getting the students to normalize and accept invasions of their privacy. This is likely to lead them to ignore invasions to privacy in their adult lives because they don't understand this fundamental right and/or have never experienced it in order to value it.

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