Do schools kill creativity? Please reply responsibly and seriously. Thank you!

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  • School Doesn’t Encourage Creativity

    Today’s schools do not encourage creativity. Aside from all forms of art classes becoming nonexistent in today’s schools, schools don’t teach or encourage children to think creatively. Creativity is about using your imagination to develop something original. Schools teach kids that there’s only one answer to-everything. They discourage kids to think outside-the-box. The expect everyone to think and act the same. This is both anti-American and anti-human. Schools need to focus less on standardization and conformity and more on creative thinking and personalization to produce creative adults who can think for themselves.

  • "School is not a place for smart people." -Rick Sanchez

    Now let me bring it back a bit.
    Of course everyone needs to be able to read, write, have some understanding of mathematics and learn our history. But beyond that, how much good does it really do to teach everyone the exact same things, in the same way and never let them really understand things their own way. It does kill creativity.
    We can look at plenty of extremely successful people who never finished their formal higher education. Almost 30% of billionaires don't even have a bachelors degree. They studied what they felt inclined to pursue. They understood what they needed to understand. They didn't all waste years of their lives learning the same old useless information that was forced down the throats of so many other people.
    Someone with a clear vision and unique vision and the aptitude to follow it up on their own would waste a lot of time in college. Especially now that you can pick up the same information on your computer anytime for free.

  • Human life is steadily being reduced to the activity of animal laborans.

    "Whatever we do, we are supposed to do for the sake of 'making a living'; such is the verdict of society,..." (Arendt, The Human Condition, 126-7). Education has become the handmaiden of the economy. In contemporary society the purpose is not to teach children how to think, but how to be laborers.

  • Unintentionally, yes .

    Schools focus more on getting us to work, work, work, and work some more. They unintentionally kill creativity by banning doodling during class (the only time they would ever want to) and focusing more on grades than anything else. I wish they would teach creativity instead of useless garbage that nobody will ever need.

  • Yes they do

    When teachers assign projects, they put all these guidelines in place to make it how they want it which limits the amount of creativity that can actually be used. Although having projects does boost creativity, it is stagnated due to the fact that the project has to be done a certain way. On the other hand, there are not very many projects, teachers primarily assign point blank assignments that allow for no creativity. So, basically other than after school clubs and projects, schools kill creativity.

  • School is not about learning anymore.

    School has never really been about learning, it's been about making perfect robots. It was started when all the kids would leave home when finished with school and work in a factory. At the factory they would be told when they could eat, talk, go to the bathroom, etc. Now that there are literally countless careers out there, we don't need this system anymore. When I was a kid and school wasn't too stressful or boring, I would read a lot; whether it was fiction or nonfiction, I'd read it. In my room I found papers from first grade containing notes on things like hurricanes. I voluntarily took notes because I wanted to. Now when I hear the word "notes" my heart drops and I become sad. I also would write a lot of fiction as a kid. It wasn't good, but I would almost always have an idea. Now it takes awhile for me to think of something to write about. I think that America should take on unschooling, which is where you go to a special "school" or just stay at home and you learn when you and how you want. You could spend a Monday just sleeping and watching TV, and then the next day you could end up wanting to learn about different religions, so you drive to the library and read books on religion all day. Or you could go to a museum, or you could watch a documentary, etc. you get to learn however you want, and since learning in no longer a chore, you love to do it. If someone forced you to eat lots of brownies in a day, you'd be sick of them quickly. It's the same with education.

  • They do it unintentionally

    They don't notice and even encourage creativity, but still, they teach rules and how to act around people. You may be born with very rebellious ideas but still schools regulate your thoughts and get you off the clouds. So yes, they do kill creativity in a way. They should do an experiment of this.

  • In a way, yeah

    Because the kids need to learn and creativity gets in the way. They can be creative after school and on the weekends. People need to be able to focus, and I know that I cant work when people around me are drawing, or being distracting, they can do that on their own time.

  • Another brick in the wall!

    I'm in my junior year of high school and let me be the first to tell you they sculpt you to have a personality of a fish! The first thing they want us is to all act the same, learn the same, and behave the same. If you don't behave on those "desired/expected" behavior(s). You are either a "bad kid" or outcast; i'll be the first to verify this truth on that cause I always was a devil's advocate in any class respectively and spoke my mind. People like me who always want to be creative and do things different, but this is where shit goes down hill. People like us are assumed to be "bad kids" or outcasts and get thrown out of the social pool (like I give a fuck!) thus bullying/teasing begin. The next assumption is we can be labeled as "troubled" and then that's when teachers and councilors come by and try to form you back into that "expected/desired" behavior.

  • Yes, they certainly do!

    Schools are practically an insane asylum for kids. The dull work dulls a child's imagination. For example, look at a 5-year-old kid just starting school, so full of creativity, versus a 16-year-old teenager, moody and dull. The poor students shouldn't have this burden upon them. They should be freer, schools like this should be taken down!

  • An introduction - why schools don't necessarily kill creativity.

    Society now values creativity more than ever, but are schools really killing creativity, or is this an unwarranted, baseless accusation? Schools are meant to prepare students for the future, but without the fundamentals, it will be difficult for creativity to shine forth. Education is being unfairly stereotyped to be destroying creativity when it is actually developing the necessary foundations. As Lao Tzu puts it, “the greatest of structures are all bound to collapse without good groundwork”. Likewise, for creativity to truly blossom, students need to develop discipline and rigour. Truth is, schools are terribly misunderstood to be stifling creativity. Instead, they are developing the essential foundations, allowing students to express themselves freely and confidently. Education imparts knowledge, skills and values to students to allow them to interact with the world, giving them a clear-cut path for creativity to develop properly in ways that will be useful and to them when venturing into the unknown.

  • No of course not

    Schools can't kill creativity. Sure some schools just hand you the "how" but your job as a student is to ask the "what if". Schools can't do that for you. All they can possibly tell you is the how and why. While schools do offer a lot of work it helps you to explore different possibilities and think creatively.

  • No of course not

    Schools can't kill creativity. Sure some schools just hand you the "how" but your job as a student is to ask the "what if". Schools can't do that for you. All they can possibly tell you is the how and why. While schools do offer a lot of work it helps you to explore different possibilities and think creatively.

  • It creates creativity.

    Sure. School does not teach you how to be creative. Fact is, creativity (the ability to make something unique) can not be taught. What it does do is teach you knowledge and methods. For this, we could use classes like language arts or art (visual) as they pertain to the literary world (art) and the visual arts. In art class, you are taught methods and knowledge like various styles and painting methods. Same thing with language arts classes. Thing is, without the knowledge of methods, creating any form of art becomes impossible. Schools give you knowledge and methods that make creativity possible.

  • It is considered that creativity is one of the most important characteristics for successful man.

    Some people claim that schools are not really interested in giving a lot of space for creativity, when others argue that teachers are trying their best to add as much creative work as possible.
    Personally, I believe that schools do not kill creativity. Firstly, there is a school program, which includes a topic about the importance of creativity. So, teachers have to work on this aspect. Secondly, schools always have after-school activities, where students can show their creativity. Thirdly, there are few subjects which are based on creative work(art, drama, music).
    Nevertheless, some people are convinced that schools do not let student to be creative. Because schools want students to be disciplined, want students to follow the rules.
    To a certain extent it is right, but I would not agree with above mentioned idea. Actually, discipline is important but it is not the reason for denying the necessity of creative work. Any lesson can be creative only if teacher planned it. It is true, that planning such a work is a part of teacher`s job.
    To sum up, I want to say that there is always a place for creativity, especially at school.

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  • According to my opinion schools never kill creativity instead they help in producing creative students.

    Well friends what do we mean by school.A place where we only go to study and pass exams. Well I feel that it is never such. We go to school to learn new things, to test our both skill and creativity, to know more, to look beyond the horizon.That is what a school is.It never does kill or creativity, it acts a catalyst to promote our creativity. And the biggest prove to my opinions are the various inter- school competitions where thousands of schools participate to test their student' s creativity. Well some of my worthy opponents say that some of the greatest personalities known to us have dropped out from their schools to pursue their dreams. To that I would like to say that during those times the schooling system was completely different from what it is now. At that time schools used to focus on a student's scenic excellence and nothing else. But today's school a are completely different. Their moto is to search for the hidden talents of their students and help them in developing it.Yes, today their educationists, well educated teachers and coordinators who help in Sterling a student in all sorts of life in a very scientific way. They act as a guide students to pursue their creativity and look beyond horizons. Therefore I would like to conclude by saying that schools never kill creativity. They help in developing it.

  • No. Well not in Australia

    I am currently 16, in year 10 and go to an Australia College. In my experiences at school creativity is accepted in many classes and teachers encourage creativity in learning. Now this doesn't mean that we don't still have to do work. We do all the usual subjects like maths, english, science ect. But teachers encourage us to be creative by sharing our opinions on topics. So yea take what you will from that.

  • Duh, it doesn’t.......

    Well, School definitely doesn’t kill creativity. That’s in fact the complete opposite of what School does. They give you amazing opportunities when you’re at a young age and even give you outstanding choices that could change your life around. Also, it’s not whether they discourage creativity, it’s about your mind and what or how often you read books. If you read non-fiction books, then you will most likely be knowledgeable. If you read lots of fiction books, then you will most likely have a more creative mindset than the expected human creativity is expected. Therefore, schools don’t kill creativity and it depends on what you read, how you read and how often you read.

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