• Absolutely does it's job

    Schools were never ment to educate, public schools was an idea needed to do only 2 things. One, to make people into conforming workers and not be taught to think for themselves. Two, It is a big daycare system these days to keep kids off the streets. By the way things are looking schools are doing exactly that. Highschool students and College students CAN NOT think for themselves, and they are kept sheltered from the 'real world' untill graduation. Which means the daycare system works... Schools meet the demands of society every time a student graduates.

  • School does not meet standards in today's society.

    Something that a lot of people don't know is that the schooling system we used today was created during the industrial age which trained kids to take orders, work long shifts, and to be prepared to work in factories. Although its gives you the basic education it doesn't show you how to live a smart life and the skills a lot of jobs require in today's society. Therefore schools do require some change in America to adjust to the needs and wants in today's society.

  • Schools teach the basics.

    Parents think schools will teach their kids everything they need to know, but they are very unprepared, even when they graduate from school.

    Schools never taught us about how to get hired for jobs, about tax returns, how to get a place to live, how to manage finances. Nothing.

    Do they not want society to advance? Because it seems like they want people to be incompetent bottom-feeders. If everyone managed their finances well, we'd all be rich, and there's not enough room for everyone to live good lives, is there?

  • No, but the demands of society are unreasonable.

    I assume we are talking about public school. What do you expect from schools? People want school to be some magical thing that equalize social and economic differences. And at the same time completely prepare children to become responsible adults capable of supporting themselves in society. Public school can't do that; it's impossible. Wealthy people are usually wealthy because they were born that way and have the social connections to stay that way. There are a few who break the mold, but they are exceptional. As for preparing kids for adult life; that's a parents job. Parents need to do their jobs and stop asking schools to pick up the slack.

  • People who went

    To different schools confess that when they completed their school education they had no the remotest idea of what they wanted to do in the future about get a job. Many people believe that schools shouldn't only train children academically but also people prepare them for all aspects of their adult life.

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