• A life is worth more than gold!!

    Although it might not solve everything, it will help prevent a lot. Kids can't bring guns onto school grounds, if they get caught. After awhile they will just get sick of getting caught and stop. That goes for drugs, and gun. I think schools should not only have medal detector tests but locker and backpack checks as well. This would lead to less drugs and weapons on school grounds!

  • Metal Detectors Protect Students

    Many dangerous shootings and other fatal weapons-related events have taken place in the last year. Limiting people's access to school buildings and providing metal detectors to screen for guns and knives could save the lives of some students and teachers. The benefit of metal detectors in school would be well worth the expense.

  • Yes, schools need metal detectors.

    Metal detectors have proven to be an effective security measure in many institutions. I do not believe metal detectors are the only security measure to be taken, but they are definitely a start in the right direction. Schools need to implement many modern security enhancements. If you cannot board a plane with a firearm, why should you be able to enter my child’s school with one?

  • Yeah not a good idea

    There are so many things that make a metal detector tick. Braces can't just be easily removed. Some people wear necklaces which some do contain a metal. Even the screws in a 3ds or phone could set it off. Button pants have metal sometimes. Sometimes things that aren't metal set it off. Metal leg braces well its in the name. Schools can't account for everything. Metal is about everywhere whether you notice it or not. A metal screw that fell in your pocket could set it off. There are so many items that have metal in them, that it would just be not practical.

  • No No No

    I believe as do many that metal detectors are not a good idea. They scare children into believing they are prisoners. There are many ways shooters can get in even if there are metal detectors. Also it invades the children's privacy. They might as well search through the kids' bags and jackets

  • Shall We Place Them Everywhere Else Too?

    Schools are 100 times safer for kids than other places. If we start putting metal detectors in schools to stop firearms then we should have them at church, at hospitals, and on every street corner. That's absurdly ridiculous. What we should do is do away with "schools" altogether and put public education online, only doing in-person education for classes that by nature require it (i.e. chemistry labs). This will save money, free up thousands of buildings for other uses. Kids and parents will have more options about where kids should go to socialize. If the kid doesn't fit in at one place it will be easy to just switch to a different social club. Bullying would disappear as an issue.

  • Why scare the kids?

    Metal detectors don't stop people from shooting their way into buildings as was done in sandy hook. All your going to do is make kids take off their shoes and belts and have them waved down for having braces and cause more bullying to other children. You want to protect the kids you put ARMED and TRAINED security of some kind on every campus.

  • No, there is no evidence that these have any effect

    It seems to me that when we treat people like criminals, they are going to act like criminals. As we put metal detectors into schools, all we are doing is turning our school kids into gangs of thugs. When we treat people, even children, like this, is it any wonder there is so much trouble?

  • Metal Detectors In Schools Is Going Too Far

    Placing metal detectors in school is going a little too far in my opinion. I do not think that they should be mandatory. It costs the school money and even though safety is a big factor, it is not needed in all schools. The county and community should be able to determine if they are needed or not. If its a necessity, then fine, but in most cases it is not and would be a waste of time and resource.

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