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  • Yes we should

    Because it lets down on the back pain later in life as we age. It will make a life-long difference to this because I say Raytown schools should all have this and let us healthier and long-lasting backs in the new generations of life. This is to the raytown school boards of education.

  • Switch to E-Textbooks already!

    My school is doing it. For kids 6th+ you can bring devices to school. And honestly, e-books are better. For one thing, carrying a bazillion books is time consuming and hard. For another thing, Textbooks are a waste of money, paper, and space. And third, with the devices the kids need for the books, they can get homework done faster! I'm not saying we should throw out all textbooks, but we need more e-books!

  • Yes, I think schools need to switch from textbooks to e-books.

    I think in general a movement away from physical textbooks and towards e-books is a wise one for school districts to invest in, besides the initial costs of switching e-books will last much longer then a physical copy of a book and the majority of the future will be technology based so teaching through electronic means is very important.

  • Yes They Do

    The costs of textbooks has been a problem for school systems for a long time and it has also been a burden for college students as well. I believe there should be an effort to switch over to e-books because financially, it is a smart change to make. I think e-books are just as good as the textbooks.

  • They should have both

    There are convincing arguments to eliminating traditional textbooks. They waste paper, cost extra money, take up space, and are heavy to carry around. That being said, some students learn best from paper presented information, and it would be best if schools offer both traditional textbooks and e books that are online.

  • No, what about all the kids without internet?

    Having schools use the newest technology for teaching is great but sometimes not all the families can afford it. There are a lot of families in the various school systems that do not have computers or Internet. I'm all for switching to e-books, but we need to come up with a plan so no kids get left out just because their families are poor.

  • No, schools should still used textbooks.

    I do not believe that schools should switch from textbooks to e-books. I think that people should still use textbooks because they still have some benefits. I think that textbooks still benefit those who do not have access to computers. Plus, you can take a textbook anywhere with you that sometimes is not logical for a computer.

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