Do schools test your memory and not your intelligence?

  • Test Are hugly memory based

    Often times you will learn somthing once in class then take a test a week later. Your are remembering that thing for a week not learning it. Not to mention the huge unit test. Those pop up every quater to see not what you learned, But what you memorized. Plus the current school system is broken. It was meant for teaching factory workers in the industrial age.

  • Its depends capacity how we can take in our mind

    Because we can learn anything but it deponds upon if we had learn anything if it can me memorised. Memory is main thing not learning. If memory is not so all things we had learn is only a basket of waste. It is nothing there without any knowledge

  • Exams only measure the memory of students not their learning.

    Exams only examine memory of a student . If a person is not good at learning long answers it's a big disadvantage for him. I know we should have a good learning power but still that student has also worked hard whole year. Some children not study whole year , and not even attend 50% of classes but they study at the time of exams and are passed with flying colours. But the student who has worked whole year and due to some reason he could not learn properly he will lose all his precious marks . And reason colud be valid , maybe the student has fall ill or has a wedding at it's place . So the student cannot learn properly . And his or her whole year's work would be wasted . So , exams only measure the memory of the student and not their learning .

  • Exams a burden

    Exams are nothing more than a gruesome thing and fatal creature that keeps on ruining the life of students as long as they aren't left with any everyone makes sure to get good marks but does anyone cares about learning I can bet every single person forgets some stuff of their primary classes why???~~ becoz they never learnt them but just memorized them that's it I hope you now are in favour that exams are nothing but memory checker......

  • "Teaching is getting in the way of learning"

    I was taught this quote from a wise man, school doesn't teach you life skills need to "go to the outside world", and more importantly tests, they just make you memorize formulas you'll probably never use unless you go to accounting or using other mathematical knowledge for jobs. Letter grades are just a letter, judging whether you are dumb or intelligent, something to compete for.

  • Tests Are Pointless

    School basically only tests you on memorization and the ability to follow simple instructions. That's all important and all, but that does not come anywhere near to measuring a person's intelligence. When was the last time you had a test that determined how creative you were? Or when school tested you leadership skills, teamwork skills, social skills? The real things that people need to succeed in life? Where's all that? I mean, let's be honest here, the vast majority of things you learn in highschool is about as useful as a fork in a gun fight.

  • Exams test nothing but memory

    If you give students the same test they did a week ago a week later I'm guaranteed they'll fail because they don't remember and now im jsut adding twenty seven more words because its needed but the only thing i had to say was that tests dont test anything yeah

  • Schools test memory

    Schools 100% test your memory. In fact its stupid because some people are extremly intelligent but they dont show it in school because the schools dont test their itelligence. Everyone is itelligent in their own way and i believe instead of making students feel bad about themselves when it comes to test and dumb exams they should focus on what students are truely good at.

  • Heck yes school tests memorization

    No point in me writing my argument cause it is pretty obvious. I will write a short argument though. In the future, which is what school is "trying" to prepare us for, we will have a lot to our disposal. We don't have to memorize how to spell everything, we don't have to memorize synonyms for words, we don't have to memorize every grammar rule. Why? Because we have the internet at our disposal, schools are just stuck in the past, where memorizing was easier than researching a book every 5 minutes when you have a doubt, but the school needs to get with the program and realize this is pointless. Look at math formulas. Sure application and how to use them is important, but when tests don't give you the formula, you may know how to use it but fail because you forgot it. In real life, you can easily search up the formula or most likely have it at your disposal. I will end my point here cause I could go on forever... Bye! Have a nice day I guess

  • Cram, memorise, forget. The modern-day education system summed up

    Whenever a child is told that at the end of the year they will be "tested" on the knowledge they have gained that year, what does that actually refer to ? It certainly doesn't refer to the child's ability to decipher complex questions and problems they may face in real-life situations. Instead children are taught that intelligence stems from how well you know the contents of a textbook. There are no questions which require out-of-the-box thinking, hut rather questions focused on answers found within the contents of that particular subject's textbook. What does this tell us ? Well naturally, if exam questions are based solely or focused largely on the contents of a book, it would be disingenuous to refer to the education system as anything other than a memory test. As a new year passes, a new textbook is brought into the fold with different contents focused largely on the same topic. So instead, the approach becomes more focused.

    The problem with this however, is that in doing so, we inadvertently program the developing mind of the child in such a way that the mind becomes memory-oriented as opposed to problem-solving oriented. This is because the child which scores the highest grade in an exam is not the child who best understands what he/she is learning, but rather the child who is able to effectively memorise as much of the content in the textbook as possible and adequately answer each question in relation to the contact that he/she has absorbed. This is especially problematic because we essential teach children that although there may be alternate ways to answer a question, the answer ultimately depends on what is printed in the textbook and by doing this, we restrict the mind tremendously because this method teaches children from an early age that new ways of thinking are not encouraged. The textbook essentially takes over the role of thinking and problem-solving abilities of the brain.

    This also explains why the majority of today's youth feel disillusioned about education and the doors of opportunity it could open for them. When someone spends the vast majority of their youth being a sponge and absorbing as much words and "facts" as they possibly can, only to one day discover that their merit for a job is judged by a 2-3 page resume, they're bound to grow disillusioned and question the very system imposed upon them, especially when they see the results that years of studying may yield, yet a musician who drops out of school and writes a song about it can earn more than 10 times what they earn in a lifetime through educational studies.

    How do we explain to our children that education is the key to success when we so blatantly ignore the fatal flaws within the system ? How can say things such as "memory is intelligence" when memory refers to your ability to remember information while intelligence refers to the efficiency of the brain in terms of deciphering information ?

    Posted by: AJ_H
  • Your Memory IS Your Intelligence

    If you can't remember something, do you really know it? Schools are not IQ tests, and IQ tests are irrelevant for the most part, anyway. Schools are not meant to test your base intelligence--they are meant to teach you. If you are taught something, you should be expected to remember it. If I were to give a speech on the societal effects the Civil War had, but I can't remember, why in the world would anyone listen to what I have to say? I obviously don't know my material. That's what schools test--do you know what the school has tried to teach you? If you can't remember it, obviously not. If I went to school to learn how to fix a broken AC, but I forgot everything I learned, and I try to fix an AC, I would be useless. It doesn't matter if I have an IQ of 150 or 10, if I forget what I am taught, it's as if I was never taught at all.

  • Schools can test you on things that they haven't taught you yet to see what you know.

    I think that school test both. But I feel that intelligence is tested more than schools teach memory. During the school year, you do study for tests, but you have to know how to manage your time wisely and how to comprehend the words in the paper. This argument could go both ways, but overall, I think schools test more intelligence that memory, but they do test both.

  • No, they test both.

    No, schools do not test your memory and not intelligence, because schools test both. Students must be intelligent enough to comprehend the material in order to write it on exams. It depends on the way that the questions are asked, but math must be understood, not memorized. Students must be both intelligent and studied to do well on tests.

  • All tell that school exams test memory

    All tell that school exams test memory, But I don't think so. At present we can memorise and clear the exams. One of them had said that we memorise the laws or identities and the sender are used by students in exams. I accept it but also the students should learn to use them in the problem.

  • In a school student is just burdanized

    In a test and school a student is just memorized by his or her memmory. Nothing more than this. A one class student is just
    judged by his memory. Everyone
    please think that how can a
    student express his or her ablity
    in a 3 hour paper. . I think our
    exam system is based on
    craming. If you say that exams are
    the only way of judging students
    intelligence so why did albert einstien was not able to shoq his ability in school. All the great stars of the world like einstien(for some years) and abraham linchon had never studied in school. When a student studies in school his or her' sind ia bounded in a specific subject. Exams are wasteless and increase the ratio and percentage of depressed youngs. .

  • Not Memory but Learnig

    All tell that school exams test memory, But I don't think so. At present we can memorise and clear the exams. One of them had said that we memorise the laws or identities and the sender are used by students in exams. I accept it but also the students should learn to use them in the problem. And in fact in a job interview of pilot it also tests your learning in lower classes.

  • Think about the math equations

    In math classes you are taught problem solving processes and solutions in the algorithms and formulas used to solve a problem. This core skill then transfers into one's other classes such as science and English so that one can look at a scientific or literary question and analyze what is happening in the situation rather than what their teacher tells them. History is the only subject that is based on memorization, but that is only because the sole purpose of history is to have us remember what happened in the past and use that knowledge to prevent prior problems from happening in the future. We need the core elements of intelligence that we get from schooling to be able to analyze and rightly choose one opinion over the other. It is not a pointless walk of memory games and pointless tests. It is the foundation for how we will go about solving our internal and external problems when we get into the real world and have to make on spot important decisions.

  • You are questioning the whole education system by saying that schools only test memory.

    Schools must have been set up keeping Something in mind, and not only for testing how better we can memorize stuff. A person doesn't go to school just to test his or her memory, but sharpen the blunt intelligence. Grades are what make a difference between a doctorate and a terrorist.

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