• Yes, definitely yes

    All they do is waste food and it tastes disgusting. They REUSE food and fruits and it is absolutely disgusting! Many people at the schools will agree with me but some wont. I've seen foreign school lunches and they look like they came from 5 five restaurants compared to American lunches

  • Yes, schools cafeteria waste lots of things

    I think schools waste to many products they don't use actual food a lot of the time. Cafeteria's don't use healthily choices all of the time and most of there food that is processed. They should change the menu because they have menus of the days what food is served so food is the same most of the time.

  • Yes, there is probably a lot of cafeteria waste.

    I think that kids often take food in the cafeteria that they are really not going to be able to eat. That is why schools need to allow children to get on line the first time to just take a bit of whatever they want to try and allow seconds if they can eat more. They should also serve unprocessed whole foods that can used in other menus during the week in new recipes.

  • No, schools need to provide a wide selection of healthy food

    Public schools do not waste too much food because they provide healthy options for all of their students. If schools could only provide a limited amount of food because they were afraid of being considered "wasteful", this would effect what foods students could eat. Public school cafeterias currently serve multiple selections of food designed to provide select portions of the food pyramid. Restricting the amount of food served during lunch would result in students not being able to take advantage of a healthy meal while at school.

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