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  • Need good quality foods

    Well the crops are being modified so much that new illnesses are developing so its eventually counteractive, just look at how many gluten free product lines have popped up bc of the dramatic increase proportion of gluten in wheat which is not easily digestible. More pesticides and lowered % of minerals in our food is just the slow method of ruining societys health

  • Some things are good and some are bad

    I believe that everything is created with an intended purpose for good with some exceptions that I'm sure you can figure out(i.E. Nuclear weapons). IPhones, great invention very convenient, the only problem is people are on them all the time! That's only one invention of course but there are many others that have helped us advance in society like the steel plow by John Deere, the car by Henry ford, indoor plumbing, running water! Everything can be linked to science and technology, as far as I'm concerned there is no stopping advancing society.

  • Quite the opposite.

    While I can agree that some forms of technological advancement can hinder our progress as a global civilization (i.E. Nuclear weapons), the benefits of technological advancement far outweigh the costs. Look around: human life in every way is better than it was two hundred years ago. We have eradicated diseases, developed agricultural methods so that everyone on earth can be fed, and created a vast network of knowledge known as the internet that has answers to many of our day to day problems. Do computers isolate us from depending on our societies? Sure. However, lets keep in mind that technology in this age is the only way forward for us all.

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