Do scientists have a responsibility for the consequences from their discoveries?

  • Yes, scientists are responsible for the consequences from their discoveries.

    I believe that this statement is true. Scientists also should get their work patented before they leave it lying around. For instance, the creator of Agent Orange went to war BEFORE he patented it. Soon enough, someone found it and they turned into a harmful weapon for trees. He should of patented his idea before he went to war.

  • They're creating monsters.

    Yes, scientists still have a responsibility for the consequences from their discoveries, because they are doing things that effect the lives of many people. Scientists should always think about the purposes of their discoveries. If they invent something that hurts a lot of people, they are the one who made that possible.

  • Yes, scientists should have a responsibility for their discoveries.

    I believe that scientists should bear a sense of responsibility for their discoveries. I think that when a scientist makes a discovery, they should be able to decipher the type of consequences it may bring and be responsible for such outcomes that happen due to it. Scientists cannot bring stuff out to the public and pretend that it may not cause issues.

  • Yes, for the most part.

    There are things science can not really be blamed for. If a scientist finds a meteor heading directly for the earth, the impending explosion is not the fault of the discovering scientists. And some people are offended by the discovery of dinosaur bones in the name of religion. But a scientist who creates a virus that can kill a dozen people with one shot, the scientist is responsible for murder and should be held responsible.

  • Scientists Are Responsible

    Scientists should definitely be held responsible for the consequences of their discoveries. For example, if a scientist finds something that supposedly cures an infectious disease, but it has tremendous side effects ,he or she should warn the public of those side effects. In addition to this, if anything dangerous comes from the discovery, people can be hurt or damaged from using it.

  • Scientists have a responsibility for the consequences from their discovery.

    If a scientist makes an invention, they should get it patented before they do anything else. For instance, with agent orange, the inventor should of patented his idea before he left for war. Because he didn't, someone else took his idea and soon enough, a bunch of leaves are on the ground. It was his fault because he left for war too quickly.

  • Yes they do

    The scientist who invented the nuclear bomb killed the people who died in the explosion. Thereby, the scientist was responsible for the couple thousand deaths that occured. (although Einstien was sorry he invented it.) the scientists ARE responsible because they know the most and can stop them from getting further developed.

  • Scientist and inventors have the responsibility for there inventions.

    They are creating good or bad things. They make it and know more about it than any others. They have to know about there invention before they just go out and make it. I think that they have 100% responsibility for there thing because they made is there own invention.

  • They have responsibility

    For example Frankenstein, That guy made his monster and let it kill many people including his brother and he did nothing about it. Scientists and inventors should be responsible about what they make and do with it, But they should not be responsible and sued for what other people do with their products. Like one guy bought a big pack of twizzlers each week and ate it all. Then he got a heart attack and blamed it on the twizzlers company. He was responsible for what he did not the company so the company should not be responsible for what he did. I agree with both sides but this one mostly because inventors need to be responsible for what their inventions do unlike what frankenstein did

  • They should be responsible

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  • No one castigated the inventor of kinfe

    As a matter of fact, Every invention may have multiple perspectives, No one may not completely know the detrimental effect of their inventions because of the complexity of using everything. Taking a knife for example. A knife can chop an onion, Meat, And all edible things in order to cook delicious food, In contrast, The knife could kill a person, A man who may have children. So people should castigate the inventor of a knife or praise him or her for such things. Another salient point for this issue, If a knife serve a patriot to kill the enemy of our country. The inventor of the the knife should be praised or castigated? Thus, Every discovery have meultip facet, The ugly facet and the "helpful one".

  • If someone uses a scientist invention to do harm then the person committing the action is at fault.

    So is the individual who invented automobiles responsible for all fatalities? Clearly not. Is the caveman who created a rock with a sharp edge to make a knife responsible for all stabbings. Of course they are not responsible. How about those who make firearms? The scientist are not who we need to concern ourselves with, We must concentrate on the person who is physically doing the action.

  • They don't intend their discoveries to be harmful and they don't have control over those violent actions.

    A scientist could have made a discovery that was biologically supportive towards cancer or other sever types of disease. Yet somebody else from who knows where can manipulate this and possibly create a weapon. The scientist didn't intend this to happen and he or she had no control over how info was going to be handled.

  • Scientists may not know the consequences of their inventions

    When the scientist who found out you could split an uranium atom in half found out that it was used to kill thousands of people he was devastated because he had no intentions that it would do that so therefore he should not be held responsible although I do respect the other sides opinions

  • They weren't the ones that made the inventions evil.

    Scientists did not make their inventions evil. Others were the ones that made them evil. For example, They didn't just make the atom split in half to kill hundreds of thousands of people. THE MILITARY DID THAT! If you think about it, It will eventually make sense to you, Just like me.

  • No inventors should not be responsible for their inventions

    NO THEY SHOULD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE, They are just trying to help other people. I'm sure you make mistakes some of the time and so do other people. If they think something will work and it doesn't then it isn't their fault it was an accident. As long as it isn't on purpose, Nobody is trying to hurt anyone.

  • Not responsible, OK!

    Scientist almost never know the outcome of there inventions so they shouldn't be responsible. Plus if they got consequences we would less scientists because lots of them would be in jail like Thomas Edison he tried to prove that AC electricity was better than DC electricity and tried to prove it was more safe so he electrocuted pets that he stole from nearby residents.

  • Keep in mind, The hypothesis is not always right.

    If the scientist makes a incorrect hypothesis and some thing bad happens then I would say they are not inertly responsible, But if they think this could harm other people and it does they should be responsible. Say you give your dog a grape and it gets sick you didn't know that your dog would get sick so it is not your fault but if you knew that dogs can die by eating grapes and you still fed it a grape you are responsible. I would say experiments are usually only done if safe or if you have the gear for it to be safe this is why I say scientist are not responsible unless they knew it would harm others.

  • Shaping the world we know today.

    Scientist all over the world are helping countries grow to be more modern. Scientist should not have to pay the price for their inventions. For example, If lets say someone invented a new electronic, He/she should not have to pay the price of people getting addicted to that device. Or if someone invented a new car he/she should not have to pay the government a hole lot of money because it is harmful to the world around us.

  • They should not be blame......

    Scientists are here to make the world a better place and not in the intention of destroying it....The one who must be blame is people who misuse these invention....Live of many people are being saved by these invention..Such as the use of radioactivity in x-rays to find injuries inside the human body

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