Do 'shame and blame' work to change teen behavior?

  • Yes, teenagers are still impressionable.

    Yes, shame and blame work to change teenage behavior, because teenagers are still highly impressionable, and they are still interested in what adults have to say. Verbal affirmation or criticism are still the most important things that teenagers depend on, and the opinion of an adult can still have a big effect on a teenager.

  • Yes, Shame and Blame do Work to Change Teen Behavior.

    It has been shown that shaming an individual is very effective at controlling bad or undesirable behavior. One such example is the effect shaming has had on smoking. The campaign to embarrass and shame smokers has forced thousands to quit. And as a result smoking has gone out of the mainstream and seen in our culture as social pariahs. This shame and blame helped curtail smoking and it will help change teen behavior.

  • No it won't

    Just because you tell them that they aren't doing something right, their brains won't associate shame and the thing that they did, but if you make the punishment hurt, then they don't want to get hurt again, and their brains will associate the punishment with what they did and won't do it again, and if they do it won't happen many more times

  • No No NO

    It hurts us more than you think. It's only hurting us and y'all think you can just keep saying it to us. For example, "You will never get that good grade". Keep telling us and we'll believe it. We just need support, not trashy insults and blaming. Words hurt more than you think.

  • It will most likely give the child many feature mental difficulties

    Such tactics of parenting are proven to be detrimental to the future mental stability of the child. It can cause inferiority problems or make the child become defensive, as well as many other problems. By shaming and blaming, you are treating your child like a dog (which they certainly have more mental capacity than one!)

  • Shaming children does not help, if anything it can do the opposite of your goal.

    Shaming your child when he/she does something wrong is not a correct way to discipline a child, it doesn't matter how old the child is. Shaming children can sometimes even turn the child against the parents and the child will be more inclined to sneak around you and lie to you.

  • Shame and Blame doesn't work to change teen behavior

    Because when teens are told no, they want to do it more, if you just let them do what they want, they will learn from their mistakes either then, or later. Also if you shame them when they tell you what happened, it will make them feel worse when they just wanted to talk and get help, and even if you don't agree with their choices you should still try to help them throughout their decisions and tell them it was wrong but not harshly.

  • No, shame and blame tactics work to change teenage behavior.

    It is not working on teens . Teens such as me hate when i get yelled at in front of everyone, it is so embarrassing!!! When that happens it goes opposite and we tend to rebel against our parents. In addition,blaming someone all the time does not encourage them to do better.

  • Negativity is directly rejected.

    Teens, such as me for example, hate negativity. Criticizing us all the time doesn't help us improve and correct our mistakes. Instead, we decide to rebel and do whatever we want. In addition, blaming someone all the time doesn't encourage them to do better. In fact, it does the complete opposite. The teen becomes more depressed from all the shaming and doesn't make the right decisions.

  • Teens want to do their own thing.

    Usually, teens will not care if you shame them, instead, you have to make them fix what it is that they did wrong. If they didn't fix it, they wouldn't know they did something wrong. They will only do what is right if you teach them what is right, and what is wrong at a age of 5 years old.

  • They don't work, because If it did, teens would be acting a lot better.

    Teens are always acting up, then they just don't care about what they've done. Some people say that It works, But it usually doesn't work on very many. The only way to make then stop acting up, is to make them be responsible when they are still very young. The best time is when they turn 5 years old.

  • Children can't be trusted these day!

    These days teenagers are really egoistic and aggressive , if we want to improve their behavior parents can always punish or pin point their mistake personally , because the child no more feels embarrassed and ashamed publicly. This should be done as currently teens end up doing dangerous stunts !

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